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Montague on Unturned 2.

Location Type: Town
Size: Small
Zombie Population: Medium
Houses: 8

Montague is civilian location in Prince Edward Island. It is a small town which is located near Taylor Beach and Kensington Campground, usually infested with 20-30 civilian zombies.

Types of buildings

Montague is only made up of civilian houses, each spawning regular civilian loot. The houses also spawn clothing in cupboards and food in fridges or in ovens.

There's also a special kind of barricaded house, the bottom floor entrances of which are blockaded with random objects. This building is a very safe place where zombies cannot break through. Ladders, vehicles, or some placeables are required to access the house. This building spawns items like what any other house spawns, but a military box (found in the bedroom, second floor) spawns militia items.

A military tent can be found near the barricaded house. It spawns military-grade items, but the tent is guarded with two to six military zombies.


  • In 3.0, a Mega Zombie used to spawn in the middle of town next to a crashed military helicopter. The helicopter and spawn have been removed from the map.
  • It is the only town, which has all of its three paths leading to three different listed locations.
  • The "DANGER" blood writing can be found on the wall of the blocked-up house.
  • It is the only town which doesn't have a shop, only having houses. The only building with improved loot spawns is the blocked-up house, which spawns militia items.
  • The military tent was added on version 2.1.4 along with the town of Burywood.
  • Despite what most players think, you can get into the blocked off house by jumping on the bathtub sticking out of the back.


Unturned 3

Every single building on this town.

Unturned Classic