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The Monolith Arena is an Arena Map in Unturned 3 added in update.


  • It is a recreation of the Arena map from Classic.
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The center of Arena as of 2.2.5.

Map Type: Inland
Number of Locations: 1
First Appeared: 2nd Beta Release
Description: "Wild wilderness with no hope of contact with civilization. Survival at its roots."

Arena is a map available in Unturned Classic. It's one of only two maps, the other being PEI, excluding the Tutorial.

Random items spawn at the center of the arena, and you have to survive with those items, along with resources that are collectable around the map. The Center of the Arena is surrounded by a ring of water, which is important against dehydration. Besides tools, such as the Axe or the Pickaxe, seeds for a variety of vegetables and other items essential for survival like scrap metal or cloth can be found in the middle of the arena.


When spawning it's suggested to grab an Axe, a Pickaxe and a Canteen. If available, a Longbow and Arrows should be taken as well. A player can cut down trees for Logs and mine boulders for rocks and stones to build a base and storage room.

Another option is to go hunting for deer or pig meat. Once food is present, crafting a campfire is highly recommended. Finding a canteen is also useful. With the nearly endless food supplies and water resources (animals and the water-ring in the middle of the map) survival isn't a big problem.


You might not have a compass, but you can navigate by looking at the sun. The sun rises in the East, and sets in the West, and from there you can get the N-E-S-W navigation. Furthermore, the clouds always go East, which is immensely helpful when navigating.


  • Arena is the only map where zombies will not spawn.
  • Canteens are the only known reliable source to re-hydrate you. In the Arena, lakes were available to refill your canteen.
  • Berries can also reduce thirst as well as hunger, but since purple and red berries have negative side-effects (+30% sickness), they are not always a reliable food source unless crushed with stones.
  • Arena, at the time of Unturned Classic, was a rather unpopular map compared to PEI as it was very small and not meant for a large group of players.
  • Strangely, when looking at a map in in the center of the Arena, a map of PEI would display instead, and it would indicate you were at Taylor Beach, rather than the Arena.