The Mk. II Puzzle is an Easter Egg in Unturned 3. Completing the puzzle awards The Player with the Shadowstalker Mk. II.


Complete the Research Recovery quest for Dr. Swanson, and talk to Dr. Swanson again for the Scorpion-7 Keycard. Head back to St. Petersburg, and do the Soulcrystal Puzzle. Inside the Scorpion-7 laboratory, a door can be opened with the keycard, using the F key by default; a map is displayed on the wall of this room. After the door has been opened, leave the Scorpion-7 laboratory.

Take the Cursed Pirate Skull from the Liberator, near Doc Ernie. Grab the Cursed Pirate Treasure by the broken ship bow underwater, south of Vladimir Farm. Collect multiple Cursed Bones from various locations:

Head to the Soulcrystal Chamber in the St. Petersburg metro tunnel, and place the cursed artifacts. Kill twenty zombies near the Soulcrystal to be teleported. Upon being teleported, you will be in a Scorpion-7 holding chamber. In the holding chamber is the Cursed Pirate Zombie Boss, and you will be given the Skull & Crossbones quest that requires you to defeat him. You must successfully defeat him, and proceed to be teleported back to the Soulcrystal Chamber.

Upon leaving the Scorpion-7 laboratory, there will be three miniature Soulcrystals in the Soulcrystal Chamber. Pick all three up, distribute them at different locations, and kill twenty zombies near them. The three locations are:

After twenty souls have been absorbed by each of them, they will disappear. Proceed to return to the Soulcrystal Chamber, and collect the three additional miniature Soulcrystals that will have spawned. Make sure to have completed the On Air quest, and take them to the three broadcast towers on the Russia map. Charge the radio signal boxes with them:

Head to where the beams of light generated by the three broadcast towers meet. Pressing F on the pillar of light to collect your reward will spawn a Shadowstalker Mk. II.


  • The three locations where the miniature Soulcrystals must be placed coincide with important events in the storyline.
    • Keryev is where one of the two Soulcrystals was found.
    • St. Petersburg is based on Saint Petersburg, Russia. On June 18, 1901, the Grand Duchess Anastasia Nikolaevna of Russia was born in Saint Petersburg.
    • Yekativurg, based on Yekaterinburg, Russia, is where Anastasia Nikolaevna died on July 17, 1918.