Military Offroader
ID 88 (Desert) • 87 (Forest) • 145 (Olive) • 146 (Coalition)
Seats 4
Trunk 20 Storage (5x4)
Forward 55 kph
Backward 25 kph
Brake 32
File Name Jeep_[Variant]
Special Traction
Explosion 20
Exit N/A

The Military Offroader is a Rare Car in Unturned 3.


There are currently four variants of the Military Offroader: forest, desert, olive, and Coalition. All variants are small open-air vehicles with four wheels and four seats.

The only differences between the four variants is their color and names.

The forest variant's only difference is its forest green color, while the desert variant has a beige coloring. They are named the Forest Offroader and Desert Offroader respectively.

Meanwhile, the olive variant and Coalition variant are both just named Military Offroader in-game. The olive variant is olive in color, and the Coalition variant is blue.


Germany: The olive variant can be found at Military Locations. The Coalition variant can be found at Coalition locations.

Hawaii: The Desert Offroader can be found at Mauna Kea and Alika Base.

PEI: The Forest Offroader can be found at the Summerside Military Base, or near the Confederation Bridge.

Washington: The Desert Offroader can be found in military locations: including the checkpoints near tunnels, and Olympia Military Base.



  • Can hold four players.
  • Fairly fast speed.
  • Common vehicle spawn.
  • Good fuel capacity


  • Many openings, making it exposed.
  • Extremely vulnerable to ranged weaponry.


  • The Military Offroader is based on the M151 MUTT or the original World War II Willy's Jeep.


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