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Military locations are locations where military-based structures and items are found in Unturned. They usually contain the highest grade of items available in the game (Items such as military-grade weapons, attachments, and traps), and are the most-sought places to players.

Military zombies spawn in these locations as well as around military tents and medic tents, denoting their location as military sites. This makes it difficult to get the valuable items as they deal and absorb a lot of damage.

Summerside Military Base.

List of military locations

There are only two military areas on the 3.0 PEI map.

At the same time, ten Military locations can be found in Washington.

In Russia, there are nine military locations:

There are five Military Locations in Hawaii.

  • Alika Base
  • The Ailani
  • Mauna Kea
  • Two checkpoints, one at the road leading to Mauna Kea and one near Hilo at the wind turbines

The are no military locations in Yukon, and the only way to acquire military gear on this map is to kill the Mega Zombie at the Overturned Ship, at Off Limits or at the Crashed Skycrane.

In Germany, there are six military locations:

  • Schwarzwald Military Base
  • Aerospace Defense Complex
  • Ostsee Compound
  • Rappbode Dam
  • Berlin's Coalition base
  • Cologne


  • There is a difference between "Military" and "Militia;" the former referring to the armed forces (government regulated servicemen with high-quality equipment), and the latter referring to armed civilians with poor to mediocre training and tactics as well as equipment. The proper term for these people in Unturned 3 is Ranger, likely to avoid the confusion caused by the previous name.
  • The two military locations on PEI, Summerside Military Base and Confederation Bridge, are both in the northwest part of the map. This makes this area a very popular one for players. The same goes for Russia, as the only two major military locations outside of a deadzone, Volk Military Base and Zavod both are located in the northwest section of the map, with a similar result as PEI.