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  • There are some concerns regarding the edits you've done.
    I have also looked over some of the contribution history of both you and MinergamesYT
    I am aware of the "Quit REMOVING MY EDITS" thread posted on MintergamesYT's message wall.

    Here are my issues with some of your edits:

    • Renaming Police Hat to California Police Hat:
      An unecessary edit, which you have been warned specifically against renaming pages for the reason of clarifying item origin. This was discussed previously on your message wall regarding renaming the Riot Helmet page.

    Similar edits that you've done this with include:

    • Beret to Military Beret: There is little difference between the beret types. Any differences can be separated into tabs on the same page. Even redirect pages would be fine, but not creating extra item pages that clutter the wiki.
    • Police Cargo Bottom to California Police Cargo Bottom: Same as the Riot Helmet and Police Hat edits, this is not a useful edit.

    Police Truck Edit: Your published edit seems like a copy of a page without the needed changes to appropriately present the vehicle. Despite titled as "Police Truck," "Police Car" is found throughout the page. Not similar to those above, but shows that you should work on your page construction and checking edits for errors.

    Wiki Rules - Editing

    EdiG 1:
    Do not create useless pages. A page is useless if the subject belongs on a different page, is irrelevant, isn't important to gameplay, or already exists.

    Renaming pages falls under this one. Renaming pages is something you've been warned of in the past and still continue to do it. I do not believe you are intending to vandalize, but I don't think you're capable of following through with my warnings.

    You have motivation to do so much on the wiki, but you don't seem ready to handle editing as of yet. Blocking you from editing seems like the most effective approach to prevent the mistakes you are making. You can still talk to me here or on Discord if you'd like to discuss this decision.

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    • The Reasons for My Edits.

      Police Hat - I purposely renamed it when I was fixing up the ID List, I renamed the Police Hat, Bottoms, Cargo Bottom, and Top for a few reasons

      I first name it for the origin, I don't know what you guys are so nit-picky of me and you can let the France Map IDs slide through. When there is a page name Police Cap (France) slide but when I do California Police Hat or Police Hat (California) you guys went all crazy on me.

      Continuing, Certain stuff should have the map name on it helping with the Origin Part of it. Yes, some stuff like the Raven name should stay the same because it doesn't make sense for an item or a gun to have there map name on it. Ex. Herstal, It good by itself| French Hertsal, sounds weird and the name sound all wrong it should be brought back to the original name. but with certain stuff like clothing, especially the Police Clothing needs to be renamed.

      The Next reason I change the name is when I was going over the Ids and fixing it because someone removed a few ids I found the Police Top for California. I checked it and I realized it was linked to the normal police top. I checked a few other links and I decided to add California to it. I did want anyone to click on the California Police Top and get brought to the Normal Police Top. So as the White Mafia Suit in the California map, when you click it brings you to the Black Tuxedo Suit. I changed it to fix the links of items. So please California must be added and if you let me I would just do this for certain items that repeat the name of another item. Item Name (Map Name)

                Military Beret - I can see how it might be useless but if you didn't want Military in front of Beret then why do you have a Military Helmet it would be better as Helmet ́ ́IT WOULD BE EASIER AND IT REMOVES CLUTTER´´. What about the Military Vest how about you remove the Military because ́ ́IT WOULD BE EASIER AND IT REMOVES CLUTTER´´. So do you get my point for renaming it to Military Beret?
                Rio Police Truck - Sorry that's all on me it was meant to be Rio Police Vehicles but I forgot about that because I had to make sure ALL OF MY EDITS work PERFECT and NECESSARY or MINERGAMESYT is going to edit it and WILL EDIT IT and FIX TRAINDUDE UNNECESSARY EDITS.

      I ́m sorry about using CAPS because I'm tired of Minergames going to fix everything and sometimes REMOVING everything I do and reporting anything I do that Unfit to him. Sorry if I got any grammar wrong I tried fixing what I best can. I have been trying to help this wiki and interested to edit and help it out but I feel like I am being harassed for ANYTHING I DO but now I´m banned from editing.

      From Traindude

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    • Traindudeo wrote: I did want anyone to click on the California Police Top and get brought to the Normal Police Top. So as the White Mafia Suit in the California map, when you click it brings you to the Black Tuxedo Suit.

      Yes, you may see this as a bit of an issue, but don't worry, there is a solution. Like the edit to Police Car I made, the California can receive a tab of its own in the Police Top page. This is done for optimization. We wouldn't want 10 thousand pages, but we could accept 1000 pages with 10 topics per page. (Don't actually do that, it's just a way of trying to explain my point.)

      Also, there isn't really anything wrong with me making edits. I mean, that's what a wiki is all about, where the community edits the pages to help the community as a whole. I am not trying to harass you in any way, I am just improving on edits made by you.

      Now, regarding the Beret thing: The wiki administration can't change the fact how an object is named in-game. Beret is the name of the item in Unturned, and that can't be changed unless Nelson changes it himself. Death does things for reasons, and you just have to abide by what he does. If nobody abides by anyone's say, it would be total anarchy on the wiki.

      I do hope you understand.


      MinergamesYT (talk) 13:16, January 8, 2020 (UTC)

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    • Yes but the whole with you cause me to get banned from editing pages Minergames 

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    • Regardless of your reason for making the edits, you were warned not to make similar edits in the future. You did the same thing without providing your reasoning. You can't continue to do something a staff member specifically states not to do just because you have your own reason. You should have discussed it with me and we could have come to a conclusion.

      I discussed your edit ban with other staff and shortened it from 1 year to around 5 months.

      More importantly, Minergames did not cause you to get banned. Your actions got you in this situation, please don't blame other people for what you did.

      Here's the response to your rationale

      The Fortification page is an example of multiple item types on the same page. This makes adding (France) or whatnot to the title of a page uneeded. It's far more simple to navigate a wiki using tabbers instead of having to find an item from a specific location via the search bar.

      Regarding the ID page names; the item links are still only the item name, and the (MapName) is only used as reference when browsing the item ID page. Even that I don't see as necessary, but still less intrusive than changing the name of an entire page. If similar items are different IDs with slight differences like the Mafia Clothing, make tabbers *on the same page* that show different item types. Consolidation and user friendly access is key to wiki function, and not simply what makes sense.

      Beret vs Military Helmet: Simply because the in-game items are named as such. Berets are found at military locations, but are only named Beret in-game. Military Helmets are named in-game always with the prefix of "Military" while Berets are not.

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    • A FANDOM user
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  • There are some concerns that I'd like to address regarding your editing.

    • Make sure to check if a page exists before creating it. If you don't, this floods the wiki with spam pages that need to be deleted.
    • PLEASE do not attempt to move pages and rename them unless necessary.
    • The Riot Helmet page was fine as it was. "To find out the origin of the item easier" is not a great reason since it's origin is very clear on the page itself.
    • Pictures and GIFs are appreciated, but please obtain the highest quality image where possible. For example, your Security Shirt edit added an image to the page that was difficult to see fine detail. The newest edit is the preferred quality of images on the wiki.
    • I also suggest hiding your in-game HUD for pictures while in game. I believe the default key to hide the HUD is the [Home] key. It doesn't look too good when a wiki image shows the in-game HUD covering a vehicle, such as on the Sterling page.
    • Carabine was another page you edited that could have been better. Grammatical errors such as "Only fire Five Shots" which should be "Only fires five shots." This could have been simplified to "Low ammunition capacity" as well. The gun's page already has the ammo capacity shown on the chart, so repeating the information makes it somewhat redundant.
    • Please use the preview option with edits, especially ones with specific formatting. This can prevent plenty of errors.

    If you're unable to edit pages properly, then please do not edit them. This is something you can answer yourself as of now. If you continue to edit pages making these mistakes, I will take it as negligence and block you from editing pages.

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    • A FANDOM user
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  • Ok, so I'll say it now. I am not trying to criticize you editing in any way. All I am saying, is that many of the edits you have made recently were mostly unnecessary, especially the edit to the Police Bottom page. That edit was a complete mess, and I have rolled back that edit, updating it to current standards.

    And yes, I know you have issues with grammar, so try to work on that. Remember, practice makes perfect, and if you do practice, your wiki edits will have significantly better quality. Trust me.

    Now, I noticed that you tried to move several pages into the Police Bottom page. Do keep in mind that I move things for a reason, and I do not move things if I think they are fine the way they are, which was the case for the Police Bottoms. Next time when you are editing a page, try not to follow an exact template, but a loose guideline, which is a general layout for a page's information.

    To finish, I will leave you with some tips.

    When starting or finishing an edit to a page, ponder on these questions:

    • Does this page Need this edit?
      • If so, why or why not?
    • How does this edit help the wiki?
    • What will other people think of this edit?

    If you want to mark something for deletion, it must meet at least one of the following criteria:

    • The page information is already found on another page
    • The page is not related to the game at all
    • The page is causing problems for the wiki

    Hope this helps you.


    MinergamesYT (talk) 16:55, December 16, 2019 (UTC)

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    • Hey miner were did you get that image of the Secuity Shirt because I been on Icons and I can't find them

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    • Now that you mention it, I should say something. The pictures of clothing you are uploading are not to be used for the table for item info. Let others handle the pictures, unless you are making a GIF file for items of the same name. If you want to talk further into this, I suggest we talk on my discord server. That way, we can get things cleared up. You can find the link to it in my profile description. I wouldn't want to ping the wiki like 30 times.

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    • A FANDOM user
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  • Thanks for uploading the Alicepack gif my dude. I have already added it to the Alicepack page, so no need to worry.

    Also, since you are fairly new to wiki editing, I will be sure to look over any edits you make (for proofreading and optimization of course). I am quite active here on the wiki, so if you have some questions on editing or page formats, feel free to send me a message on my board, and I'll get back to you as soon as possible. Hope you have a nice day!

    p.s. I looked over the Shorty and Interceptor pages. Need to look over Interceptor to check if data is correct.

    MinergamesYT (talk) 16:12, December 11, 2019 (UTC)

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  • Heya, I'm the admin for the Unturned Bunker Wiki and I'd like to welcome you by saying thanks for your edit to the Shorty page! If you need help with anything or just wanna say hello, feel free to contact other wiki staff or myself here.

    For tips on getting started, check out the community hub page.

    Information, general discussion, and community activities can be found on the wiki forum.

    You can also explore the user blogs to start or join discussions.

    The monthly poll and major wiki updates will be posted on the main page.

    hi. (This is an automated message.)

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    • A FANDOM user
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