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  • Excuse me, im HelloImEden, but you can call me Marius if you want. Im a rather known member of this wiki who provided informations and game footage (images for some wiki pages) for various pages of Unturned Bunker Wiki. Im not active on this wiki as i used to some year ago, but sometimes i still add something new to this fandom pages.

    Recently i decided to play again Unturned, more precisely, the old build of Unturned Antique, and i realized: maybe is time that i share with the Unturned Bunker Wiki community a new download link for that version, since the old one is no longer working. This was the idea, i tried to open a forum page, i created it, then i tried to upload it.......for some reasons it get instanlty deleted every time i try to submit it, no matter the section i choose (general, Entertainment, etc) and i don't get why.

    Im here to ask to you: why this happens? is something related to the links inside it? or simply someone basicly banned me from the forums (perhaps it dosen't show me any proofs of this theory, and also.....i don't think i have done something aganist the rules).

    Thanks for the help.

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    • Basicly i press the button to submit the post on the forum, it loads, then a deletion message pop up (this is what i mean for insta delete).

      I created a post just yesterday afternoon (im italian, so timeline is a little bit messed up), a post related to a new downloadable version of unturned antique. Of course the post got insta deleted shortly (after the post loading).

      Now i will try to create the same post but without links. I will then edit this message with information about the outcome.

      EDIT: it looks like perfectly fine now. I tried to update the same post again but without links and it got accepted, then i decided to update the original post with all the links too, just to see if it was an error related to the links (or a sort of blacklist for that links), and surprisingly it got accepted too. You can check the deleted contributions for the first post without links. thanks for the help.

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    • I'm in GMT0 timezone, so you are only +1 hour from me I believe.

      I dont know what could have been the cause for this problem, but please message me if it happens again!

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