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  • I don't believe I have ever undone any of the edits you've previously made to the Hell's Fury article. If you're talking about this revision, I had reverted vandalism by TheMCGamer, whose account is now disabled globally across all of FANDOM (and as such all contributions to the FANDOM service have been hidden from view). Regardless, I'd appreciate not using the summary box to criticize people, and not removing dozens of edits worth of information in the process of your edits.

    The revert left the page with information that was outdated and/or factually incorrect, and added numerous language errors. That is vandalism. Your edit summary wasn't even indicative of what you did either, considering it lengthened the sentences of the trivia entry of what I assume to have been the "run-on sentence" too, rather than fix them.

    Please don't vandalize pages, thank you. I've reverted your edit, although I've edited the lengthy trivia entry as a part of my edit too, based on the two revisions. It should be more accurate, brief, and on-point than previous revisions have been with it.

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    • There is a difference between an "accidental" edit that reverts XYZ-numbers of page revisions and an edit that is entirely intentional. I would rather you actually try to ascertain the situation instead of making a wild shot in the dark.

      So now trying to be helpful even in the slightest isn't allowed, huh. Guess I'll see myself out then. I figured that trying to be even remotely useful in a predominantly 12-yr old community wasn't going to end well.

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  • Heya, I'm the admin for the Unturned Bunker Wiki and I'd like to welcome you by saying thanks for your edit to the Thread:82602#3|from scale 1-10 page! If you need help with anything or just wanna say hello, feel free to contact other wiki staff or myself here.

    For a guide on getting started on the wiki, check out the help pages.

    Information, general discussion, and community activities can be found on the wiki forum.

    You can also explore the user blogs to start or join discussions.

    The monthly poll and major wiki updates will be posted on the main page.


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