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Mega Zombie
Main Informations
Health 3200% (5000% Spec Ops variant in Russia and Germany)
Neutral No
Spawn Location(s) Confederation Bridge

Summerside Military Base

Off Limits

Crashed Skycrane

Overturned Ship

Olympia Military Base

Crashed Desert Huey

Seattle (construction site)

Oil Rig

Silo 22


Volk Military Base

Moneypoint Powerplant

Mauna Kea

Alika Base

Rappbode Dam

Schwarzwald Military Base

Aerospace Defense Complex

Status Introduced in 1.0 (removed and again introduced in 3.0)
Drops 5 military-grade items
Extra Informations
Speed 2-3 times faster than player
Size 2-3 time bigger than civilian zombie
Color(s) Dark Green

The Mega Zombie is a type of zombie in Unturned. They are large zombies around 2-3 times the size of a Civilian Zombie, and wear military bottoms with a distinguishing Beret. Only two can exist at the same time on a map. The exception is when a Horde Beacon is placed.


The Mega Zombie spawns at these locations.


  • The Florennes Military Base.
  • At the helicopter crash in the centre of Hofer Farm.
  • At the Nulirane Research Centre, in front of the building.
  • At the Ypres Deadzone.
  • Herstal Factory.

Cyprus Survival:

  • The police station in Salamis.
  • At Agros Military Base.


  • In Paris.
  • At Verdun Airbase, just outside the main building.
  • At the Marseille Deadzone, near the runway.
  • At Flamanville Power, just outside the main building.


  • On top of Rappbode Dam.
  • Under the space shuttle in the Aerospace Defense Complex.
  • On top of the broken lift at the Aerospace Defense Complex.
  • Around the picnic area at Schwarzwald Military Base.
  • Around the space shuttle at Schwarzwald Military Base.
  • At Ostee Compound.
  • In Cologne.


  • At Mauna Kea.
  • The plane hangar near the entrance of Alika Base.
  • Between the two buildings at the far corner of Alika Base.


  • At Fort Dunree.
  • At Moneypoint Powerplant.
  • In the unlisted deadzone cave near Woodrow Farm.



  • At the Oil Rig, spec ops variant and irradiated.
  • At the end of the railroad tunnel with the Ivan railway cannon.
  • At Silo 22 under the missile, spec ops variant and irradiated.
  • Center of the barracks at Volk Military Base.




  • Cache 42.
  • Bixby Bridge.
  • Crashed Attack Heli in Costa Mesa Mall.
  • Calabasas Hospital.

It also spawns in the final wave when a player places a Horde Beacon. This Mega acts as in Full Moon mode, and therefore has increased health and damage.







The Mega Zombie makes a different sounds than a normal zombie: a deep growl, which The Player can use to determine if one is nearby. The general behaviour of the Mega Zombie is very similar to that of Normal Zombie, but it is significantly stronger, faster, and tougher.

Upon being provoked, the Mega Zombie will walk towards the player and will randomly stop to throw boulders from the ground at the player, which will deal great damage if the player fails to dodge them. Otherwise, the Mega Zombie will melee The Player when in range, dealing great damage and causing Bleeding.

Upon its death, the Mega Zombie drops 5 Special spawn-group items as well as +32 Experience if killed by any Ranged Weapon, or +64 Experience if killed by a Melee Weapon.


Version Changes
  • The Mega Zombie was implemented into 3.0.
  • The Mega Zombies camouflague was changed from desert tan to forest green on PEI
  • The Mega Zombie now throws boulders at the player


  • The Mega Zombie was originally added in Unturned 1, where it only spawns in a city.
    • Unlike Mega Zombies in Unturned 1, they have a face.
  • A Mega used to spawn in Montague, next to a crashed helicopter. It is no longer there.
  • The reason why it is referred as a 'Hulk' zombie by some players is that they are about twice as tall, very durable, strong, and its deep growling sounds more aggressive. These traits are very similar to Marvel's superhero, the Hulk.
    • The Mega Zombie is also referred to as the 'Tank' zombie, because it also has similar traits from the Tank zombie in the L4D series.
  • Mega Zombies are likely infected high-ranked officers or spec-ops due to the fact that they wear a Beret, which elite units in real life usually wear as well.
  • During the holiday season, the Mega Zombie could be seen wearing a Santa Hat and during the Halloween season they could be seen with a Pumpkin on their heads.
  • The Spec Ops Mega Zombie only appears at Silo 22, Aerospace Defence Complex, Schwarzwald Military Base, and Oil Rig. It drops Spec Ops loot, and is much harder to kill but grants more exp upon killing it.
  • Strangely, the mega in Yukon drops military gear even though it clearly is from Scorpion-7.
Entity (Unturned 3)
EntityID List

The Mega Zombie is an enemy in Antique.


The Mega Zombie is a large Zombie, about 2 times as tall as a normal zombie. Like other zombies, they have no face. They never have shirts, and are always dressed only in a pair of brown pants. The only location a Mega Zombie will spawn is in Heritage City.

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