MP40 1477
ID 1477
Context Epic Ranged Weapon
Equip Secondary: 6 slots (3x2)
Fire Mode
Safety • Auto
Range 140 meters • 153.10586 yards
7.14286 RPS
Durability 20% degrade chance (1 wear)
Hook Sight
Default Maschinengewehr Iron Sights
Size 3x2
Player Damage
Damage 30
Zombie Damage
Damage 99
Animal Damage
Damage 30
Miscellaneous Damage
Size 3x2
Muzzle 3
Recoil and Shake
Aim ADS recoil multiplier of 1
Size 3x2



The Maschinengewehr is an Epic Ranged Weapon in Unturned 3. It uses Maschinengewehr Magazines, and spawns with the Maschinengewehr Iron Sights attached by default.

It takes up 6 slots in the Inventory.


Germany: It can be found at Syndicate locations.

Hawaii: It is only acquired via Carepackages, with a 4.1% spawn chance.

PEI: It is only acquired via Carepackages, with a 3.5% spawn chance.

Russia: It is only acquired via Carepackages, with a 3.4% spawn chance.

Washington: It is only acquired via Carepackages, with a 4.1% spawn chance.


Low recoil. Can only accept Sight Attachments.
Second highest range of all secondaries.
Good durability. Poor rate of fire.


  • It was called the MP40 when it was originally added. This eventually became a placeholder name when it was decided to be replaced with Maschinengewehr instead.
    • When it was called the MP40 it was the only weapon to have numbers used in its name.
    • There was an error in the description that says it is "chambered in Calling Card ammunition." It should actually have said that it was "chambered in MP40 ammunition." Update changed the description to say it is "chambered in Maschinengewehr ammunition."
  • It is based on the MP 40, a submachine gun developed in Nazi Germany.
    • The Maschinengewehr also has the former part of its name based on the real-life equivalent.
  • The update removed the ability for it to accept Grip Attachments.
  • "Maschinengewehr" is German for "machine gun," even though the Maschinengewehr is a submachine gun.
    • "Maschinenpistole" is the German word for "submachine gun." The literal translation of this is "machine pistol," referring to the pistol ammo used in submachine guns. The real-life equivalent, the MP 40, is an abbreviation of "maschinenpistole 40."
MP 40 AYF 3

An MP 40, the Maschinengewehr's real-life equivalent.

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