Makeshift Scope
Makeshift Scope 476
File Makeshift_Scope
ID 476
Rarity Common
Type Scope Attachment
Zoom 6x



The Makeshift Scope is a Scope Attachment added in the patch. It has 6x zoom.



  • Made out of common materials.
  • Takes up a small amount of space in the inventory.
  • Considerable amount of zoom allows for easy long-range targeting.
  • Unlike the Unturned Classic Zoom-O-Matic, it has a four-line crosshair area.
  • Scope has a x6 magnification unlike Unturned Classic's Zoom-O-Matic zoom of 3.4.
  • It is very easy to obtain compared to the difficulty of finding other high-grade attachments and scopes.


  • Due to its medium zoom, it is unwise to use at close range.
  • The scope is bulky, taking up a larger portion of the screen.
  • The reticle lacks any ballistic markings, making adjusting for bullet drop difficult at longer ranges.


Crafting components are Binoculars and a single Duct Tape, as well as level one in the crafting skill.


  • There is no central reticle in the Makeshift Scope, but sometimes, a 'crosshair' will appear when zoomed in with the Makeshift Scope. This makes it easier to use.
  • Like the Zoomomatic, which is also a makeshift optic in version 2.0, the Makeshift Scope is apparently made with a pair of binoculars, albeit cut in half and welded to a makeshift scope mount, rather than taping a full pair onto a gun. It also seems to have an additional lens taped on, giving itself a cross-hair, which the Zoomomatic does not have and thus yielding no cross-hairs.
  • The makeshift scope is so large that if you put a weapon on safety with it attached it will block almost all of your vision.


Weaponry (Unturned 3)

ID ListWeaponry


Item Type: Attachment (Scope)
Equippable? No
Stackable? No
Weight: 0.15kg/0.33lbs
Examine Text: Makeshift medium range optic.

The Zoomomatic is a craftable scope in Unturned, and one of the three known craftable weapon attachments. It can be crafted using 1 Binocular and 2 Duct Tape in the crafting slot.


The Zoomomatic can be used just like binoculars on weapons, or long-range sniping due to its high magnification. Although it beats the 6x Zoom Scope and 7x Zoom Scope, it does not feature a reticle, making it somewhat difficult to snipe with it.

Using a tactical laser may help to counter this problem. However, the laser is hard to see from far distances while aiming. This makes its high magnification a problem since the laser will not appear when looking at far distances.

It has a magnification of somewhere between the 12x Zoom Scope and the 7x Zoom Scope.


  • It is the only craftable scope.
  • The Zoomomatic, in appearance, is a pair of binoculars with tape around it.
  • It may help placing a dot on your screen as a reticle as the center is always fixed.
  • Not recommended to use because it is buggy, and there are more easily obtainable and higher-zoom scopes with reticles.
  • One possible fix to the glitched weapon bug is to change your character from left handed to right handed. The glitch seems to only happens to left handed characters.
  • Headshots are harder to achieve compared to other scopes.
  • The item is no longer in the game



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