Bag MRE 81
File Bag_MRE
ID 81
Rarity Rare
Type Food
Slots 2 Slots (1x2)
Food +75%
Water +75%



The MRE is a Rare Food in Unturned 3.


The MRE can be found at Military Locations.


  • MRE stands for "meal, ready-to-eat."
  • MRE is an actual food item type used in the military, using regular warm water to "cook" the food in the packet (via chemical reactions inside the pack) and then the food inside (sealed in another separate compartment) is ready to eat in a few minutes.
  • A nickname that soldiers gave the MRE in World War II was "Meal, Rarely Edible." This is because of the quality of the MRE', which has been viewed by most as unsatisfactory. It's also sometimes known as a "Meal, Refusing to Exit," or "Meal Ready to Expel" due to its lack of fiber. Some also call it "Three lies for the price of one", saying "it's not a meal, it's not ready, and you can't eat it".
  • The Player eats the MRE without opening it, implying that they eat it along with the packet.
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