Luger 1476
ID 1476
Context Uncommon Ranged Weapon
Equip Secondary: 4 slots (2x2)
Fire Mode
Safety • Semi
Range 90 meters • 98.4252 yards
25 RPS
Durability 30% degrade chance (1 wear)
Hook Barrel
Default N/A
Size 2x2
Player Damage
Damage 27
Zombie Damage
Damage 99
Animal Damage
Damage 27
Miscellaneous Damage
Size 2x2
Muzzle 3
Recoil and Shake
Aim ADS recoil multiplier of 1
Size 2x2



The Luger is an Uncommon Ranged Weapon in Unturned 3. It uses Luger Magazines.

It takes up 4 slots in the Inventory.


Germany: It can be found at civilian locations and gun stores.

Hawaii: It is only acquired via Carepackages, with a 4.1% spawn chance.

PEI: It is only acquired via Carepackages, with a 3.5% spawn chance.

Russia: It is only acquired via Carepackages, with a 3.4% spawn chance.

Washington: It is only acquired via Carepackages, with a 4.1% spawn chance.

France: It can be obtained at any of the Ranger Locations, including The Louvre in Paris and Gare 17.


Highest rate of fire for any weapon. One of the lowest durability of all handguns beaten only by Desert Falcon
Very compact, taking only four slots in inventory
Low recoil. The only attachment it accepts is the Makeshift Muffler
Fairly common to find in Germany
Mediocre player damage (27) among handguns. Low ammo capacity


  • The Luger is based on the Luger P08, a German semi-automatic pistol.
  • Update changed its degrade chance from 6% to 30%.
  • Before update, the Luger used the 1911 Magazine. The update changed the caliber from 3 to 43, and it now uses the Luger Magazine.
    • The description also used to say it was "chambered in Colt ammunition."
    • Maximum spawn capacity was also changed from 7 to 9 to better reflect this.
  • Update changed its Rarity from Rare to Uncommon.
    • The Luger also had its damage lowered. Base damage against Players and Animals was decreased from 32 to 27.
Luger p08 b1

The Luger P08 in real life.

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