The Liberator is a Safezone on the Russia map. It is a location with NPCs. It is a military aircraft carrier owned by The Coalition.


There are thirty-seven NPCs on the ship. These NPCs may be offering interactive dialog, quests, and vendors. The NPCs at the Liberator are as follows:

  • ???: A homeless man living aboard the ship. You are able to give him 1 Experience in exchange for information about Major Len and aliens.
  • Andy: A pilot next to the Fighter Jet stationed on the ship's runway.
  • Captain Sydney: The ship's captain. She can be found on the bridge.
  • Chef Leonard: The ship's chef, who is found in the lower deck kitchen.
  • Chief Brian: The ship's security chief.
  • Commander Laurence: The right-hand to Captain Sydney. He can be found in the bridge.
  • Doc Ernie: The ship's lead scientist.
  • Dr. Swanson: The ship's resident doctor.
  • Ensign Cliff: An ensign stationed on the ship.
  • Ensign Darren: An ensign stationed on the bridge. He monitors the communications.
  • Ensign Frankin: An ensign. He is in charge of managing uniforms.
  • Gwen: A surviving widow living on the ship.
  • Jolene: A survivor living on the ship.
  • Lieutenant Oswald: A lieutenant. He is in charge of scouting out new areas, and can be found on the bridge.
  • Lieutenant Harry: A lieutenant. He will appear once the player completes The Conspiracy's Conclusion.
  • Lieutenant Kyle: A lieutenant. He is in charge of managing the armory.
  • Major Len: A major. He can be found on the bridge.
  • Natalie: The ship's mechanic. She can be found in the lower deck.
  • Norbert: A survivor living on the ship.
  • P.Riso: A fugitive found in the lower deck, under the stairs.
  • Rusty: The ship's janitor.
  • T.Rickster: An imprisoned outlaw.
  • Wallace: A pirate fisherman, located at the one end of the runway.

Non-interactive NPCs:

The following NPCs are present in the Liberator, but are not vendors, provide no quests, and otherwise have no special interactions outside of greeting the player.

  • Benny: An aspiring scientist, under the mentorship of Doc Ernie.
  • Ensign Calvin: An ensign stationed near Natalie.
  • Ensign Cliff: An off-duty ensign found playing chess in the lounge.
  • Ensign Gordon: An ensign stationed on the bridge. He monitors the long-range radar.
  • Ensign Isabelle: Located in the ship's cafeteria.
  • Ensign Ivan: Located in the room Vicky is stationed outside of.
  • Ensign Simon: Located by the outer walkway of the ship, next to Wallace.
  • Ensign Todd: Stationed outside of Captain Sydney's quarters.
  • Ensign Vicky: Located next to the "Liberator" sign.
  • Ensign Zoe: An ensign stationed on the bridge. She monitors the ship's vitals.
  • Keith: A police officer on lookout.
  • Jolene: A survivor, found sitting next to Ensign Isabelle in the cafeteria.
  • Mark: A survivor found playing chess in the lounge.
  • Patient: An injured survivor located in the sick bay.
  • Sous-Chef Roman: The ship's sous-chef.




  • Under the stairs there is an NPC named P.Riso. It is a reference to PaulsoaresJr's fictional prison character.
  • Dr. Swanson's patient is a reference to Preston Garvey, a character in Fallout 4. He is a member of the Commonwealth Minutemen notorious for giving an infinite amount of repetitive quests to the player involving settlement problems, hence his famous quote "Another settlement needs our help".
  • Due to the area being a Safezone the player cannot die/take damage through player created means such as vehicle explosions, weapons, and traps. However you can still die by drowning.

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