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Map Satellite Kuwait 1.png
Mode Survival: Curated
Size Large (4096 m2)



Kuwait is a curated survival map in Unturned 3, released on May 14th, 2021. The environment is based on the country of Kuwait. The map can be download on the Workshop here. You can also watch the official trailer here.

The map has 5 bundles that can be purchased to support the creators; Divine Duneman Bundle, Letterman Bundle, Sunrise Bundle, Sunset Bundle and Assorted Hats Bundle.

The map was created by AnimaticFreak and NSTM. Special thanks were given to Danaby2, Renaxon, DieselsiselMedia, Leprechan12, FalkenJr, Corp, Sirady and SomebodyOnEarth.


  • The map was in development for over 4 years
    • This beats the previous record holder of Rio de Janeiro and France by 1.75 years and 2.5 years respectively.
  • It is the only map where the player cannot simply plant crops anywhere; they must use a Planter.
  • It is the first map set in a Desert.
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There are eighteen location nodes on the map.

Map Nodes:

Al Wafra • Khiran Camp • Burgan Oil Fields • Sharq • Icarus • Kuwait City • Hawally • Boubyan Island • Saqr Airbase • Salmiya • Bayan Water Towers • Mutla Ridge • Um Al Maradim • Um Al Namil • Sulaibiya • Kubar Island • Jahra Industrial • Al-Abdally

Functionality & Rules

  • Plants will only grow in planters and plots, which require fertilizer to craft. Plots are large planters which are roughly the size of a full square floor. Fertilizer and, more rarely, planters can be found at farms.
  • 4 scrap metal can be crafted back and forth between cans, and 4 cloth can likewise be crafted back and forth into ropes.
  • Clay pots / baskets can be interacted with to produce useful items like drinks, food, metal, and cloth.
  • Plastic is an essential new crafting component. It is used to craft canteens, which are the only way to drink from water sources (such as oases, the sea, crashed water trucks, and the Bayan Water Towers). Plastic can be made by holding a metal bucket in your hands and using it to melee-attack toppled/opened barrels of crude oil, which spawn only around the Burgan Oil Field and nearby oil drills/pumps. This gives the player bottles of crude oil, which take 2x2 inventory slots. Crafting one crude bottle at a heat source (such as a bonfire) will produce plastic, which occupies only one inventory slot. The tall crude oil cracking towers at the Burgan facility can be ignited for a heat source by interacting with a control panel on their top platforms.
  • The only source of cucumbers is the flowers of the giant mutated plant at Al-Abdally. Cucumbers can be crafted with lettuce, tomato, and carrot to create extremely hydrating and space-efficient salads.
  • The western safezone contains a hidden rocky entrance to a cave on the southwest side of the hill.
  • Wild caracals, which spawn in the north of the mainland, drop raw meat or milk when killed.
  • On Boubyan Island, the ghostly forms of clay pots/baskets can't be used with the "Interact" key, but can be destroyed to yield valuable items.
  • The arc welder provides alternate crafting recipes to the welding torch, usually with identical ingredients but slightly discounted scrap metal costs. It also acts as a mobile heat source for crafting purposes.
  • Two new horde beacons, the blue Supply Beacon and orange Weapon Beacon, have been added, which both require deadzone components to craft.

Building & Raiding

  • There are three tiers of structural materials: palm fibre, brick, and spectral. Brick can be harvested with a pickaxe from underwater rocky outcrops of clay, which occur near seaweed forests. Seaweed forests and possible airdrop locations are marked on the GPS. The materials for spectral structures are only on Boubyan Island.
  • There are no sheet metal place-anywhere barricades or structures, only containers and traps. Sheet metal appears to have no use, despite being craftable; the majority of metal crafting recipes use scrap metal.
  • The maximum health of placeable objects is now visible in their item description when held.
  • YouTube P9nda created a spreadsheet for raiding.


Only high tier vehicles can be locked, (ex. Police cars, Military vehicles, Buses) Boats require no battery and use no fuel, and can stamina for a speed boost. Boats spawn along the coast of the mainland.

  • Duneslayer - A futuristic amphibious hovercraft. Top speed of ~80km/h, seats 1 driver and 7 passengers (6 of which can see out of a bulletproof glass canopy). Requires no fuel but does need a battery. Extremely slow over water. Lockable. Spawns on Boubyan Island.
  • Storage Sanbouk: A wooden boat with a canopy. Top speed 62km/h. 8x8 trunk. Not lockable.
  • Al-Boum: A wooden sailboat. Top speed ~108km/h. Smaller trunk storage capacity than the Storage Sanbouk. Not lockable.
  • Sandspitter: 4-seater single-propeller airplane.
  • Desert Orca: Armoured 6-seater helicopter. 6x6 trunk. Lockable.


All calibers are low-caliber unless otherwise specified.

  • Whip
  • Sandal
  • Scimitar
  • Coloniser: Bolt-action rifle. 10-round civilian magazines.
  • Catalyst: Burst-fire pistol. 18-round civilian magazines.
  • Accelerator: Semi-auto pistol with integrated silencer. A 1911 variant. 7-round civilian magazines. No attachment slots.
  • Al Musaytir ("The Master"): Semi-auto rifle. 30-round ranger magazines.
  • Duststorm: Full-auto rifle. 30-round ranger magazines. Low ROF and strong recoil.
  • Swissgewehr: Semi-auto rifle. 30-round military magazines. No tactical slot.
  • Suncrack: Semi-auto rifle. 30-round military magazines.
  • Monarchist: Burst-fire rifle. 21-round military magazines.
  • Hanlon-Reach: Pump-action shotgun. 6-round shotgun magazines.
  • Mirage: Bolt-action rifle. 7-round high-caliber military magazines. Deals structure damage. Occupies secondary weapon slot.
  • Galvanizer: short-range lightning gun which deals structure damage. Extremely loud. Electric/seaweed ammo. Spawns (rarely) from special electric boxes atop cylindrical towers on Boubyan Island.
  • Pulse & Pulsette magazines: Special magazine attachments that cause guns to instead fire rounds which deal structure damage in a small area of effect. Electric/seaweed ammo.


  • Salad: 95 hydration, 35 satiation, 5 immunity. 1 inventory slot. Recipe: 1 cucumber, 1 carrot, 1 lettuce, 1 tomato.
  • Date cake: 60 hydration, 60 satiation. 1 inventory slot. Recipe: 2 wheat, 1 milk, 3 dates.
  • Shawarma: Huge satiation, small hydration. 1 inventory slot. Recipe: 1 cooked meat, 2 bread, 1 tomato, 1 lettuce.


  • Talon vest: Best-in-class. 50% armor, 30 slots, partial fire resistance.
  • Spectral helmet: Best-in-class.
  • Spectral shirt
  • Spectral pants


  • The Hawally bank vault door is destructible with anti-structure weapons.
  • Some safezone characters only appear or become interactive at night. As you earn reputation with each faction, new characters will appear at each safezone.
  • Some wooden ships look like drivable sanbouks, but are not dynamic vehicles at all (rather, permanent features / prefabricated parts of the map). Particularly, the flotilla of 3 wooden ships east of the southern mainland shore are permanent map prefabs.