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Krovi Estate

Size: Small
Zombie Population: Large

Krovi Estate is the Mafia base in Russia.


Krovi Estate is located at the north east corner of Russia, just below the tunnel. The main entrance consists of stone walls with an arch. The path to the main area is accompanied with old-fashioned streetlights.

The main building is a mansion, which is much bigger house than the one found in towns and cities. It has a hidden gun rack in one of its rooms and a hard to access attic. Several other buildings exist including a cafe. Behind and beside the mansion area, there is a "gazebo" with barrels and wood that spawns Construction loot. Near it, there is a Helipad that can spawn a Hummingbird.

This area spawns loot which cannot be found anywhere else, such as the Calling Card, Hummingbird, and Ghost.


"Krovi Estate," or "Поместье Крови" in Russian, means "Mansion (or Estate) of Blood."