Kobra Sight
Red Kobra Sight 1004.png
File Red_Kobra_Sight
ID 1004
Rarity Uncommon
Type Sight Attachment
Slots 2 Slots (2x1)



The Kobra Sight is an Uncommon Sight Attachment that takes up 2 slots in the inventory.


The Kobra Sight can be found in Ranger locations.


The Kobra Sight is based on the real life optic produced by Axion, in Russia, and exported worldwide. The sight in-game bears a standard Dot Shape with a German triple bar reticle.

The Kobra Sight, when attached to a weapon, replaces the sights to a curved, rail mounted sight with a reticle in the center.



  • The Kobra Sight has no magnification, making it effective for close combat.
  • The empty center of the reticle does not obstruct small targets.


  • The Kobra Sight has no magnification, making it ineffective for long-ranged combat.


Version Changes Added to the game.


  • This optic is obviously inspired by the Russian Kobra Red Dot Sight, however the real-life counterpart has four different reticle designs the user can switch between.
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