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ID 4001 - 4008
Seats 4
Trunk 10 Storage (5x2)
Forward 19
Backward -5
Brake 32
File Name CA_Dodge_[Color]
Special Traction
Explosion 20
Exit N/A

The Interceptor is a Rare Car in Unturned 3.


California: It can be found at all Civilian locations, as a civilian vehicle spawn.


The Interceptor has an appearance which resembles the Sedan, though the model has notable differences. It's appearance features modernized headlights, along with a singular brake light, spanning the width of the car.

The Interceptor also has a police variant.

(See: Police Interceptor)

The list below shows all colored Interceptors and their corresponding IDs.

Color ID
Black 4001
Blue 4002
Green 4003
Orange 4004
Purple 4005
Red 4006
White 4007
Yellow 4008



  • ?
  • Has decently sized windows, allowing passengers to easily use guns in the vehicle.


  • Passengers are vulnerable to gunfire through the moderately sized windows.
  • Relatively low trunk space.


  • The Interceptor vehicle is based upon a real-world vehicle, the Dodge Charger.
    • Furthermore, the file name of the Interceptor is CA_Dodge_[Color], solidifying its basis.
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