Industrial Generator
Generator Large 1230
File Generator_Large
ID 1230
Rarity Rare
Type Generator
Slots 9 Slots (3x3)

20,000 Fuel

Health 600
Range 4
Radius 1.25
Offset 1.5
Special 64 Wire range
Explosion 36



The Industrial Generator is a generator in Unturned 3. It is the larger and more effective version of the Portable Generator.


Once turned on, it will emit a continuous sound and provide electricity in a very large radius to anything that requires electricity, such as Spotlights and interactable objects. It takes 1,666 2/3 minutes (27 hours, 46 minutes and 40 seconds) to reach 0% from 100%.

The generator has a radius four times the size of the Portable Generator, making it significantly more space efficient by comparison.

Its large fuel capacity makes it the most high-density storage unit for fuel in the game.


The Industrial Generator can be found in Construction Locations and Hardware stores.



Version Changes The Industrial Generator was added to the game. Fuel capacity changed from 333 1/3 minutes to 666 2/3 minutes. Maximum running time changed from 666 2/3 minutes to 1,333 1/3 minutes.


  • Strangely, the Industrial Generator doesn't require wires to power things.
  • It takes 32 Gas Cans to fill the Industrial Generator up to 99%, with one extra Gas Can to to fill it up to 100%.
    • Alternatively, it takes eight Industrial Gas Cans to fill the Industrial Generator up to 100%.
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