In an Online Server, Hunting Animals is not a good source of steady food in game because of these two reasons.

  1. Hunting animals requires ammunition, killing them takes 2 – 3 shots at the head and they tend to move a lot when they got shot at. In online survival server, ammunition is limited and difficult to come by when there are survivors and hostile players looking for them.
  2. Animal spawn points are always guarded by Survivor Group Base. Some player groups tend to build their base near or on animal spawn points, this is because of the food and flat open area. When the base inhabitants saw you hunting an animal or heard your gunshots, they wouldn’t think twice to shoot down and loot your corpse.
  3. It may take a while to track down an animal that has run away from you. If you can, try to chase it as long as possible. Take note that animals can't run forever and stop after a few seconds.

However, in Singleplayer hunting animals is not half bad and some NPC quest needs ingredients from an animal.

Tips and Tricks:

When hunting animals, the good weapon of choice is the following.

  • Rifle – The Makeshift Rifle only use Civilian Bullets which is very easy to find or you can craft its ammo case with 6 Metal Scrap. Its Magazine holds up to 5 rounds, slightly higher recoil than Hawkhound. Range varies with the type of rifle. 225m for Pine, 200m for Maple, and 175m for Birch. Makeshift Rifle degrades faster than most weapons but can cause bleeding damage which can help in hunting and can take down animals with two shots at 100% durability.
  • Hawkhound – Same with Makeshift Rifle, it also uses Civilian Bullets but its ammo can’t be crafted unlike the Makeshift Rifle, it holds up to 8 rounds in every magazine and has a low recoil making consecutive shots easy to aim than Makeshift Rifle, It has a good range up to 200 meters and very accurate which is good in taking out animal in long range.
  • Bows and Crossbows – Ammo can be crafted with nails and sticks, can inflict high damage but needs to reload every shot and its ammo takes up a lot of space, very silent and has a good range up to 200m and its ammo can be retrieved.
  • Vehicles – it only needs Gas, Battery, Tires, and a driver. They can be found throughout the map with the Gas, Battery, and Tires on. Accuracy depends on its driver, but can one-hit kill any animal.

Tricks in Hunting:

Find an area which animal spawn very often.

Now if you find your hunting spot place wood spike on random place around or near the area. Remember “Do not Flood” the area with spikes because the animal spawn will be lessened.

The trick here, when you shoot an animal there will be a chance that they will run into the traps you have set.

Aside from hunting them, you could farm them by walling off the spawn area of the animals you want to farm and setting up traps along the wall or fence of the coral. In this way, they will not run off too far from your sight.

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