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Transport Heli
Huey (France)
ID 175
Seats 4
Trunk 30 Storage (6x5)
Forward 72 km/h
Backward 9km/h
Brake 32
File Name Huey_[Type]
Special LockMouse • Engine Helicopter
Explosion 20
Exit 3

The Huey is an Epic Helicopter in Unturned 3. It was added Along with France map. It is a military helicopter that can carry up to four people. If the Huey's rotors touch anything during flight, the Huey will explode, damaging any entities near it.


France: It can be found at Verdun Airbase or Marseille.


Pitch and roll are controlled with the mouse. Moving the mouse forward/back will cause the Transport Heli to pitch (tilt) nose down/nose up respectively. Pitch direction can be inverted in the options. Moving the mouse left/right will cause the Transport Heli to roll (tilt sideways) left/right respectively. This represents the "cyclic" in a real helicopter.

Yaw is controlled with the strafe/steering buttons (Default: A/D). Yaw is a left/right spinning movement about the main rotor mast. Pressing A/D will cause the Transport Heli to spin left/right respectively. This represents the "anti-torque pedals" in a real helicopter.

Altitude/Throttle is controlled with the forward/reverse buttons (Default: W/S). Pressing W will cause the Transport Heli to go up. When taking off from the ground there is a delay before liftoff while the engine throttles up. Pressing S will throttle the engine down, but does not appear to accelerate downward motion. This represents both the "collective" and "throttle" in a real helicopter.


  • It is based on the UH-1 "Iroquois."
  • In Unturned the player controlling the Huey sits in the left side seat. But in a real Huey, and most other North American helicopters, the pilot/captain sits in the right side seat.
  • The Huey is apparently controlled by a yoke (airplane steering wheel). Most helicopters are controlled with joystick and lever controls known as a cyclic and collective respectively.
  • When the player yaws the Huey (spinning left/right) their character is seen to be turning the yolk. In a real helicopter yawing is performed with pedals.
  • The Huey reaches its top cruising speed at or near a 45° nose down attitude. Real helicopters stay relatively level at any given speed (though they may temporarily adopt extreme nose down attitudes in order to accelerate quickly).
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