The Hospital is a structure located in many towns and cities. The Hospital features medical loot such as the Tablets, Medkits, and Dressing.

Hospital at Stratford, with an ambulance.

Building Aspects

  • The Hospital's entrance has a cashier-esque lobby, a surgery room, a storage room (to hold such medications), and a patient's room.
  • Each room except for the lobby has a chance of spawning a medical item.
  • The Hospital's parking lot can spawn in an Ambulance, along with other vehicles.

Items Found Inside Structure

Items Rarity
Cloth Common
Bandage Common
Dressing Uncommon
Suturekit Uncommon
Cough Syrup Common
Antibiotics Common
Medkit Uncommon
Bloodbag Uncommon
Adrenaline Rare-Common
Tablets Uncommon
Splint Slightly Common
Rag Common
Vaccine Uncommon
Morphine Uncommon
Vitamins Common


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