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Heavy Weapons is a quest provided by Corporal Matthieu in France. In order to obtain this quest, you must finish his first quest as well as complete a bunch of supply quests.


Corporal Matthieu wants to start making actual weapons, and asks you to find the blueprints for them. He also asks you to find the necessary tools to work on them.


  1. Talk to Corporal Matthieu
  2. (Note that you do not have to collect all of these items in this order.) Go to Port de Calais. On the ship in the port there are 2 green containers. The container on the right will have the Precision Cutters.
  3. Go to Bordeaux. The Four-Jaw Chuck will be inside the mechanic's shop on the bottom shelf of a wooden shelf.
  4. Go to Biarritz. The Calipers are in the middle of a red metal shelf in the mechanic's shop.
  5. Go to Paris. On the east side of Paris there will be another mechanic's shop. The Depth Gauge is on a cabinet in the back room. On the west side of Paris in the Police Station there will be a Cobra Blueprint on the second floor in a weapon cabinet.
  6. Go to Verdun Airbase. There will be 2 square buildings near the center of the base. In the southern building there is a Fusilette blueprint in a wooden cupboard. In the northern building there is an Avenger blueprint on a table in the middle of the building.
  7. Go to Cotentin Arsenal. In the bigger brown building on the second floor. In the shelf closest to the ramp there is a Maplestrike blueprint on the top shelf. In the other shelf there is an Eaglefire blueprint on the bottom shelf.
  8. Go to Bernard's Pond. In the small brown building near the lumber area the Sportshot blueprint will be in a weapon cabinet.
  9. Go to Lourdes Farm. In the building with the blue roof the Hawkhound blueprint can be found on the bottom shelf of a wooden shelf.
  10. Go to Marseille. At the airstrip there is a military checkpoint. In the center of the military checkpoint there are some weapon cabinets. The Herstal blueprint can be found in one of the weapon cabinets.
  11. Go to Satory Defense HQ. On the first floor there is a room with weapon cabinets. In one of the weapon cabinets you can find the Genaugewehr blueprint. On the second floor there is a door blocked by a table. Go through the door to the right of that door and you will find the Corsican blueprint behind the table.
  12. Go to Toulouse. To the south of the bistro there is a small house with blue trim around the windows. In the bedroom of that house you will find the 1911 blueprint
  13. Go to Jourdan's Fort and talk to Corporal Matthieu to complete the quest.
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