Type Melee Weapon
Weight 0.1kg kg • 0.22lbs lbs
Range Expression error: Unrecognised word "short".



The Handlamp is a melee weapon that can be found or crafted by the player using 2 Scrap metal and 1 Battery.

When equipped, it can be turned on by right clicking. When turned on, the Handlamp emits light in the same fashion as the Torch, but has a greater radius, light intensity, and a lighter weight, making it a great light source for those without Night Vision. It may be swung to deal damage, though another melee weapon is preferred, as it does minimal damage with its short range. 



Torch and handlamp comparison
  • Besides firearms attached with tactical lights, the Torch and the Handlamp are the only handheld light sources, as other light sources such as the Road Flare and Chemlights must be thrown before emitting light.
    • However, the Miner Helmet emits light without needing to equip an item meaning you can use a more powerful weapon at the same time as having a light source.
  • Damage is represented without being affected by any damage protection, such as protective clothing and vests.
  • Torches have a yellow dot on them, while the Handlamps have a white dot.
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