Holographic Sight

Item Type: Attachment
Equippable? No
Stackable? No
Weight: 0.12kg/[X]lbs
Description: Military short range circle optic

The Holographic Sight is an uncommon sight attachment found in military locations. Like any other attachment, it can be attached to a firearm which allows sight attachment.

How to obtain

The Holographic Sight is found in 5 locations, all of them being military locations. These locations are; O'Leary Military Base, the green tent and bridge checkpoint in the Confederation Bridge, the helicopter crash in St. Peter's Island, the tent in Montague and some places in Belfast Airport.



  • The holographic sight can be attached to almost any firearm in the game.
  • Has a very small magnification (estimated to be 1.5x), making it effective for close combat (especially with shotguns)
  • It is light weight.


  • The holographic sight has an almost non-existent magnification, making it ineffective for long ranged combat.
  • The reticle is much more obtrusive then its counterpart, the Red Dot Sight.


  • The Holographic Sight in Unturned was inspired by the original EOTECH holographic sight.
  • It is one of the two non-iron sights which is not a scope, the other being the Red Dot Sight.
  • It is the only sight in-game whose description states that it is a military grade sight.
    • In real life, though, it is obviously not the only military scope.



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