This information is for Unturned classic, for the Unturned 3 equivalent for this item see Plot.

Greenhouse Platform

The Greenhouse Platform in first point of view
Item Type: Structure
Equippable? Yes
Stackable? Yes
HP: 2000

Two Greenhouse Platforms, one filled to the brim with crops.

The Greenhouse platform is a placeable structure in Unturned. It is crafted using 1 wooden platform and 4 Fertilizers which makes one Greenhouse platform. The platform has 2,000hp. To place the platform you need to place down 4 posts (stone or wooden). After you have done this you can then place the platform and connect it to the posts.

The Greenhouse Platform behaves like a normal platform except it has a white outline and allows crops to be placed upon it. Unlike regular soil, it causes the crops to grow two times faster. Due to this, it makes it efficient for farmers to grow their crops.

 Crafting Recipe

How to Make

Placement of the Greenhouse Platform

Placement of the Greenhouse Platform is key, in order for zombies to not eat your crops.

Placing the platform as the roof of your structure can ensure that the zombies cannot reach it. Using a Ladder for access is key, as zombies can climb Ramps. Placing the platform on the ground is ill-advised as the zombies will have easier access to it.

Screen Shot 2014-05-30 at 11.39.02 PM

The Greenhouse Platform in its first point of view


  • The underside of the greenhouse platform is colored white, making it easier to identify if used as a ceiling.
  • When placed on water, it is slightly more elevated than the Greenhouse Foundation.

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