Getting the Word Out

Location: Liberator
Given by: Commander Laurence
Rewards: +75 Experience

+5 Reputation

Getting the Word Out is a quest in Unturned 3.


For survivors without radios Commander Laurence plans to put up posters with directions to the Liberator. He suggests placing them in each town/city's police station


  1. Speak to Lieutenant Laurence on the Liberator
  2. Place posters at the police stations of Jhavesk, Yekativurg, St. Petersburg and Moscow (Western and Southern stations).
  3. Speak to Lieutenant Laurence again and complete quest.

All you have to do is place posters on a specific wall of the police station of specified locations (Usually near the entrance). A green transparent image can be seen on the wall where you can press F (By default) to place the poster.

Watch out for zombies, especially the special Zombie Boss that resides at Jhavesk and/or Yekativurg if you're doing the Sparks and/or Aftershock quests respectively. Since these may be an issue to deal with it is advised to do these quests seperate to Getting the Word Out.


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