Fuel Tank
Resource Fuel
File Resource_Fuel
ID 1229
Rarity Epic
Type Liquid Storage
Slots 9 Slots (3x3)

2500 Fuel

Health 500
Range 4
Radius 0.75
Offset 1
Explosion 36



The Fuel Tank is a liquid storage in Unturned.


The Fuel Tank stores fuel. Fuel can be put into the tank by left clicking with a Gas Can containing fuel. The tank has a capacity of 5 full Gas Cans worth of fuel, indicated by a popup when hovering over it, which says "Fuel Reserve: x%", x being how full the tank is. A full Gas Can worth of fuel will increase the amount of fuel in the tank by 20%. The player can take fuel from the tank by right clicking with a Gas Can or Jerrycan.


Metal Sheet (x4) + Metal Can (x3) + Tape (x2) + Chemicals / Blowtorch = Fuel Tank

A Level 2 Crafting skill is required.


Version Changes The Fuel Tank has been added to the game. Fixed content type from TYPE #37 to Storage. Changed context type to the new Liquid Storage.
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