Flare variants 0
File Flare_Blue • Flare_Green • Flare_Orange • Flare_Purple • Flare_Red • Flare_Yellow
ID 255 - 260
Rarity Common
Type Projectile
Slots 1 Slots (1x1)
Range (Error) 15 meters • 0 feet



The Flare is a Common Projectile in Unturned 3. It gives off a medium amount of light for only a brief amount of time.


There are six different colors of Flares: Blue, Green, Orange, Purple, Red, and Yellow.

Flares will attract hostile entities, such as Zombies and Wolves, but will scare off passive entities, such as Deer and Cows.


Flares are found in most Civilian Locations.


Image Name ID
Flare Blue 255
Blue Flare 255
Flare Green 256
Green Flare 256
Flare Orange 257
Orange Flare 257
Flare Purple 258
Purple Flare 258
Flare Red 259
Red Flare 259
Flare Yellow 260
Yellow Flare 260
Gear (Unturned 3)

GearID List

Road Flare

Road Flare
Item Type: Throwable


Range: Varies when thrown.
Equippable? Yes
Stackable? No
Weight: 0.1kg/0.22bs
Description: "Very bright red light source."

Road Flares are a throwable item that, when used, are consumed and emit a red light. The flare will emit a red light for a brief period of time (3 minutes). Road flares can help to attract zombies in tight situations where the player needs to escape. Very useful when trying to locate your group/friend/friends along the road when you haven't memorized the map.


  • The flare seems to only be lit on one end, whereas the Chemlight , a longer-lasting variant, fully lights up when used, effectively making the Chemlight slightly brighter.


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