Fists are the default weapons of the player in Unturned and the player's best friend when they're a fresh spawn, with no weapon or equipment.


When not equipping any item, players can perform a punch with both left arm and right arm by left and right clicking respectively. Fists inflict a small amount of damage towards Zombies or players. It is not recommended to try to kill Zombies using your fists as it inflicts low damage and only stuns if you hit them in the head. Unlike all melee weapons, Fists cannot damage barricades, traps or any other player-made structures. This means that players must have an equip-able melee weapon in order to do so.

Weapon analysis


  • Players can punch fast.
  • No need to equip it.
  • No need to find it.


  • Fists inflict a very low amount of damage.
  • It has a very short reach.
  • Cannot perform a power attack.
  • Cannot use while prone like other melee weapons.
  • Cannot destroy trees.


  • The Fists were not the first method of defense to be added to the game, as the torch and axe was.
  • It will deal the same amount of damage whether the left or right one is used.
  • In Unturned 1, players cannot perform a punch.

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