Fishing is a game mechanic in Unturned 3.

To start fishing, the Player must first acquire a fishing pole.

With the fishing pole, the Player must cast the line by holding LMB while facing a body of water. A bar will appear while holding LMB, which indicates the strength of the Player's cast. A stronger cast will throw the line out farther, and will also decrease the amount of time it takes for a fish to test the bait.

A fishing float will begin bobbing wherever the line landed after having been cast. If the fishing float sinks, then the location it was cast into was too shallow.

Bubbles will appear around the float when a fish begins testing the bait, and splashing sounds will occur. Eventually, the Player's fishing pole will be pulled on—curving towards the water—and the Player can press LMB to reel in the fish. Caught fish can be cooked at a Campfire or a stove.

By upgrading the Fishing skill, fish will more quickly pull on the line after testing the bait. The bar will also accelerate slower, giving Players a better opportunity at maximizing their cast. A perfect cast will hook a fish in ten seconds, while the worst possible cast hooks a fish in thirty seconds.

Aside from being able to reel in fish, other random materials can also be obtained through fishing. Different fishing poles have different chances of catching various fish and materials.

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