(Vehicle Perks/Restrictions)
(Vehicle Perks/Restrictions)
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Pressing the '''Ctrl '''button activates the siren
Pressing the '''Ctrl '''button activates the siren
Ride around catching all the minge.

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Fire Truck

Fire truck station

The Fire Truck, which is parked in the fire station of Charlottetown.

Vehicle Type: Civilian
Number of Seats: 6 Seats
Max Speed:



X %

Gas Capacity: 200 Fuel Units

The Fire Truck is a rare vehicle found only at Charlottetown, in the fire station. The vehicle is mostly colored in red with a small portion of other colours.

Vehicle Perks/Restrictions

Due to having 200 fuel units, the Fire Truck is able to travel in a long distance.

Pressing the Ctrl button activates the siren


  • The Fire truck is the longest vehicle in the game.
    • It also has the most fuel units for a civilian vehicle, having the same amount of fuel units as the humvee.
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