ID 34 (Normal), 167 (Germany)
Seats 2
Trunk 30 Storage (6x5)
Forward 65.25 kph/40 mph
Backward 27 kph
Brake 32
File Name Firetruck
Special Traction
Explosion 20

The Fire Truck is an Uncommon Car found in fire stations. On PEI, the Fire Truck can also be found by the hangars at the Belfast Airport.


The Fire Truck appears to be a six-wheeled vehicle with a long, red body. Metal shutters are also seen on the rear and one of the side, along with a metal ladder on top. The emergency lights are also shown on top of the vehicle, which can be turned on or off.



  • It has a huge fuel tank
  • Its width makes ramming players, zombies or vehicles easier.
  • It is quite fast for a large vehicle, its top speed ranges from 59 to 63kph.
  • Features 30 spaces in the trunk, the third-largest trunk of any land vehicle in the game, surpassed only by the APC, Toiler, and the Metaforá.


  • Despite its large size, the Firetruck is a very ineffective group transport, as it only has two seats, the driver and passenger's seat.
  • It is very uncommon.
  • The front window is quite big without any cover, making the driver and front seat passenger vulnerable to gunfire.
  • Its size makes it hard to avoid obstacles while driving.


  • The Firetruck has the highest fuel capacity of all emergency vehicles.


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