Fire Modes allow the Player to better manage ammunition usage, and rate of fire. By default, V is used to toggle the different fire modes a weapon may have. There are four modes available in Unturned: Safety, Semi, Burst, and Auto.


A weapon with its Safety on can not discharge. This mode is useful to prevent accidental firing when outside of combat. Having the safety enabled puts your gun in the same position as sprinting would. Most ranged weapons have the safety mode.

The following do not have Safety:


Semi will allow the weapon to only fire one round with each click. This is useful during long-range combat, as it eliminates the need of recoil management, which is required in a fully automatic spray.

Although most weapons have semi mode, a few lack this:


Burst is a relatively uncommon fire mode. This setting causes the weapon to fire a 3-round uninterruptible burst for each click.

The following weapons have the Burst firemode:


The Auto function is available on most higher-grade guns, and will fire bullets continuously as long as the fire key is pressed. Auto is generally only preferred for close-range engagements, although certain guns such as the Heartbreaker and Matamorez feature a low rate of fire even in Auto mode allowing for easy recoil management.

The weapons listed below all have the full auto setting:


  • The Eaglefire used to have an Auto setting. After version, which included the addition of the Maplestrike, the Eaglefire could no longer use Auto.
  • The Bayonet still deals damage on the Safety setting.
  • The Vonya used to have an Auto setting when it was originally added. With the addition of the Devil's Bane, it was removed.

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