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Fernwood Farm

The farm in Unturned 2.0.

Location Type: Farm
Size: Small
House(s): 1
Barn(s): 1
Water Well(s): 1
Fuel Tank(s): None

Fernwood Farm is an agricultural location in Prince Edward Island. It is one of three farms on the island and it is located to the northeast of Wiltshire Farm, directly south of St. Peter's Island (in Unturned Classic) and to the northwest of Charlottetown.


Fernwood Farm contains the following:

  • A house which spawns weapons, ammunition, and other items.
  • A barn which also spawns weapons, ammunition, and other items.
  • A well which allows players to refill their canteens without the need of going to the ocean.
  • Items can spawn in the well


  • The house has two rooms, unlike Wiltshire Farm's house which has three rooms.
  • The sign "Welcome To Lirik's Waffle Farm" is a reference to two large streamers Lirik and GiantWaffle (only in 2.0)
  • Fernwood Farm was their first base. Them streaming the game made it boom on Steam so the sign could be a thanks from Nelson.


All buildings of the farm