Farms are locations found in PEI, Russia, Washington and Hawaii. They all include civilian zombies. Each contains at least one barn and a house. They have a lot of civilian grade items.


Germany: Mawby's Farm, Moritz's Farm and Oskar's Farm

Hawaii: Hani Farm, Aolani Farm, Aheahe Farm, Makamae Farm, and Kilohana Orchard.

PEI: Wiltshire Farm, Fernwood Farm, Wellington Farm, and Tignish Farm.

Russia: Chersky Farm, Vladimir Farm, Nordvik Farm, and Tomsk Farm.

Washington: Shelton Farm, Arlington Farm, and Kennewick Farm.


Lots of loot can be found at Farms this includes:


There are two farms on the 2.0 PEI map. They are all located in the lower part of the 2.0 PEI map.

Common Elements:

The Fernwood Farm well

The Water Well at Fernwood Farm

They all share several features. These are:

  • A large red barn, which often spawns Civilian weapons and ammo, along with seeds, gas cans , bows , and arrows .
  • A small house which also spawns the same items as the barn.
  • Water Well which allows Players to refill their Canteen without the need of going to the ocean.
  • Farmer Civilian Zombies spawn here.

However, there are some differences between the two farms, as seen below.

Wiltshire Farm:


  • Vehicles can spawn there, but rarely.
  • There is a Fuel Tank at the farm and near the tank, there is a chance for a gas can to spawn.


  • No items spawn in the well.

Fernwood Farm:


  • It has a small shed next to the main house which can sometimes spawn Civilian weapons and ammo, along with seeds and other items.
  • Items spawn in the well.
  • Alberton is near the farm as well as a military base but a little bit far (O'Leary Military Base).


  • The small house only has 2 rooms, whereas Wiltshire Farm has a house with 3 rooms.
  • There is no Fuel Tank.
  • No vehicles spawn here.


  • Many people prefer to use Wiltshire Farm as their base due to the fact that it has a fuel tank and rocks (that spawn near the farm) a well, everything that a player needs.
  • The sign "Welcome To Lirik's Waffle Farm" in Fernwood Farm is a reference to two large streamers Lirik and GiantWaffle. Fernwood Farm was their first base. Them streaming the game made it boom on steam so the sign could be thanks from the creator.

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