Farming is a game mechanic in Unturned 3. It allows the Player to be self-sustaining, without needing to explore and loot the map.

To boost your efficiency when Farming, you should upgrade your Agriculture Skill. This will allow you to eventually double your output, and let plants grow faster than normal.

Storms that occur will also increase the speed of which plants grow.

Value Comparison

The table below compares all of the crops consumable value after harvesting.

Crop Food Water
Carrot +20% +10%
Corn +20% +10%
Lettuce +15% +15%
Potato +20% +5%
Pumpkin +25% +10%
Tomato +20% +15%
Wheat +20% ———


  • Plants do not need water or sunlight to grow.

For the wiki

(A cabbage farm with 50 cabbage seeds planted.)

Farming is the method in which players plant seeds for growing food. It is the only method of acquiring food besides hunting that does not require looting. Players with a self-sustaining farm tend to survive longer as food becomes less of an issue to worry about. You can use the farm as an infinite food source, which allows the player to live without ever having to scavenge for food. The process can also be sped along with fertilizer, although this only works on one crop at a time and uses the fertilizer. Creating greenhouse foundations will boost the growth rate of seeds planted on it.

Unturned Farming Tutorial, Best Vegetable to Farm? Advanced Building Tutorial

Unturned Farming Tutorial, Best Vegetable to Farm? Advanced Building Tutorial

How to farm effectively

1. Collect seeds by either looting farms, or the botanist shop located in Alberton. They can also be found in civilian areas and cities. Rotten vegetables placed in the crafting menu will yield 1 seed, and fresh vegetables placed in the crafting menu will yield 2 seeds.

2. When seeds are acquired, equip the seed and place them on level grassy ground, fertile soil, or greenhouse foundations.

3. Different seeds have varying growth rates (8 minutes to 13 minutes), which can all be examined at the seed page. Check on your crops periodically to ensure growth.

4. When the crops are fully grown, you can harvest them using the default action key (F) which will spawn one fresh vegetable on the crop's position, thus making the crop disappear. You can either eat the food or extract the seeds from the crops for an even greater yield of crops. (Only one seed is needed to create an endless food supply).

Tips and Tricks

  • As of Patch 2.2.2 Farming now works on Multiplayer dedicated servers
  • Zombies will attack your crops! Be sure to defend your crops by slicing zombies, building a secure greenhouse, or building a barricade around them.
  • Crops grow even when you are in the main menu and out of the game, so if you desperately need food, head over to the main menu and wait for it to grow.
  • Crops will not be destroyed when stepped on, ran on, jumped on, or even run over with a vehicle.
  • Be careful when defending your crops from zombies, as you can destroy them by shooting them, or hitting them with a melee attack.
  • Vegetables will not spoil when stored in a player's inventory/chest even after elongated periods of time.