The Extinguished Puzzle is an Easter Egg in Unturned 3. It is completed in Hawaii. Completing the puzzle awards The Player with the Extinguished achievement. It is advisable to level up your parkour skill before trying to complete this.


Go to La Luna Kahiko, and activate the altar there. Next, go north of Tadaaki Light, and activate the underwater altar there. Then, go to Junkyard and shoot the shown wall at the right with explosives.


Enter the cave with a light source, and follow it through until finding a parkour area. Complete it and do not fall or you will die. Then, you will get to a crossroad. Go to the left. After climbing down you should see a small entrance, the second altar is inside. Activate it and go back. Fall back to the room with the center platform where you have been before, now going into your right side.

After arriving on the right side, hug the left wall and keep going until you find the third and final altar, which will teleport you to the Magma Boss Chamber. Here you got the magma zombie, it is not hard as it looks. When you kill him, you will get the Extinguished achievement.


  • It is the only puzzle with no in-game reward besides its respective achievement.
  • "La Luna Kahiko" is Hawaiian for "The Old Rulers".

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