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Map Satellite Elver 1.png
Mode Survival: Curated
Size Medium (2048 m2)



Elver is a medium-sized Curated Survival map available in Unturned 3. It is based on multiple different countries in Eastern Europe and was created by Danaby2 and Renaxon.

Collaborator status is given to Rolling Chair, Fleshy Pig, Sirady and Magical Burrito and special thanks is given to Tiway, Phyyrin, SomebodyOnEarth, Davidoz, NSTM, MrObi, BoozerSwine, AnimaticFreak, Union, Timo987, and staswalle. Although, additional thanks are given to Manoman, P9nda and Nelson Sexton on the workshop page.

The map is automatically downloaded when launching the game for the first time during the auto-sub period, it can also be downloaded here.

The map creators can be supported by purchasing the Elver Map Mystery Box, the Elver Map Mystery Box II, or the two associated bundles, which contain cosmetics themed around the map. The map was added in the 3.20.7.x update on July 17th. With the 3.20.8.x update on July 31st, Elver's auto-sub period was extended indefinitely, making it effectively permanent. The map received its final update on Feburary 19th, 2021 with the update.

The Workshop page and update notes advertise the map as a "unique experience", claiming to change the way the game is played through a crafting overhaul and overhauling the way weaponry works. The map also changes the way looting is conducted, with "ranger crates" scattered around the map, often found near TVs with static, or leaking pipes. The map also changes up how you play it through its layout, which centres around a fairly large, spread out city. Instead of being structured like a regular, more organic city, the city of Elver is split up into very distinct districts. You can read more about these districts, and other locations, in the location tab.

The full description can be found here.

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There are sixteen location nodes that are listed on the map.

Map Nodes: TownDemolition SiteMallPrisonFire StationParkJunction 67HospitalDormsFisherman's GroveFarmNorthern TunnelSouthern TunnelMilitary Checkpoint AlphaMilitary Checkpoint BravoGas StationGhost Valley

Unmarked Locations: Downed HelicopterBridgeRoad BlocksCrashed Portapoty



Elver is the main city, and primary location on the map. Instead of being structured like a regular, organic city, Elver is split up into 10 districts, with decently sized stretches of forest in between them. The entire city was covered in one large navmesh, meaning the player was never truly safe from zombies as long as they were within the city. Despite this, the zombie population was rather low, and it's unlikely the player will find more than 9 zombies per district. In the second Elver Update, the navmesh was split up into multiple smaller navmeshes to help with performance. More Zombies can spawn as a result.


Town is a medieval-styled town, located to the North West in Elver. In the center of the town, a house can be found suspended in the air. A badge can be found directly under the house, when interacted with the badge will disappear, and an arrow will manifest where the badge used to be, pointing up towards the house. If the player manages to get inside the house, a teleporter pad will great them, along with text telling the player to sacrifice a Sacrificial Scripture. If the player does so, the player can teleport to the Floating Island. Several Cows, Pigs and Chickens can be found here. Several Carts can also spawn here. Apart from those, the T-34 can spawn in one of the houses which can only be accessed by breaking its walls or going in through the roof.

Demolition Site

Demolition Site is a large construction location, located to the north in Elver. It's likely a former Parking Garage owned by NORK. An entrance to the deadzone can be found here, along with a Green Keycard. No zombies spawn here. This is the best place to find a Gyroscope.


Mall, or NORK Mall, is a large mall located in the North-Eastern part of Elver. It contains a variety of loot, and includes a parking garage underneath it, and a storage facility in the back of the establishment. The Green Crystal can be found underneath the Dome. The Mall is also home to the Tech Store, which is one of the only places where a Graphics Card, vital for crafting a Horde Beacon, can spawn naturally. In previous versions a teleporter could be found here. The Medical Store, referred to in game as the "Hedical Store", spawns the same loot as the hospital, meaning that you can find a Defibrillator Battery here.


Prison is a central location, resembling a maximum-security prison. Underneath the building, a cultist location can be found, along with another entrance to the deadzone. In previous versions a teleporter could be found at the cultist location.

Fire Station

Fire Station is a large, another central location. No zombies spawn here. For whatever reason, there is a secret room near the back of the Fire Station which spawns cultist loot and Clocks. It is not proven, but mesh may spawn here.


The Highway is a long road on the right side of Elver, containing 2 military checkpoints. At the ends of the highway are Northern and Southern Tunnel. Also, at Northern Tunnel, there is a telephone pole that is out of bounds. This is important for lore reasons.


Park is a peaceful, relatively empty park by the Highway. Not much can be found here, including zombies.

Junction 67

Junction 67 is a large Military gate, serving as an entrance to the Deadzone. A Green Keycard can also be found here. In previous versions a teleporter could be found on top of the Watch Tower. Zombies spawn here. A mega zombie has a rare chance to spawn here and one of the tents has a secret passageway inside of it.


Hospital is a very large, complex hospital found in the southern part of Elver. Zombies Spawn here. Here you can find a Defiblirator Battery, which is the rarest ingredient in crafting Components.


The Dorms is a collection of apartment buildings. A café can be found here, which houses a Cultist location underneath, along with a teleporter. A Train Station is also located underneath the highway. The Red Keycard can also be found in one of the apartments. Several doors can be found at the dorms, that requires keys to open, these keys can be found in specific locations around the map, behind these doors are small Cultist locations. Zombies spawn here.

Fisherman's Grove

Fisherman's Grove is a small lake, where the player can go fishing. The Blue Keycard can be found in a trashcan here.


The Metro, or Deadzone, is a massive underground Metro, requiring all 6 keycards to properly explore. A Respirator Mask and Headlamp or Nightvision is required in order to properly explore this location. Many Intercom systems are active, and play German or Dutch recordings at all times. The Pink Crystal can also be found behind purple doors. Zombies spawn here.

Ghost Valley

Ghost Valley is a cultist location situated on the South Western border of the map. The Location is a swamp location, centering around a small lake, with a stone shrine in the center. The location is the only part of the map where a Horde Beacon can be attempted. Zombies spawn here.

Northern Tunnel

The Northern Tunnel is a collapsed tunnel at the end of the northern section of the highway. A small military outpost is located here, along with the White Keycard, located near a destroyed car in the right tunnel. No zombies spawn here

Southern Tunnel

The Southern Tunnel is a collapsed tunnel, visually similar to the northern tunnel. It is located at the end of the southern section of the highway. A black guitar case can be found in the rubble of the left tunnel, and the Purple Keycard can be found inside of it. No zombies spawn here.


Farm is a small farm, consisting of a large open wheat field, and a small hut near the roadside. Basic food items can be found near this hut, with a ranger crate found inside the hut. No zombies spawn here.

Military Checkpoint Alpha

Military Checkpoint is a Military Checkpoint located north of the Mall, but south of the Northern Tunnel on the highway. Basic Military loot can be found here, along with some military vehicles. Zombies spawn here.

Military Checkpoint Bravo

Military Checkpoint Bravo is a Military Checkpoint located south of the Dorms, but north of the Gas Station on the highway. Basic Military loot can be found here, along with some military vehicles, a Watch Tower, and a helipad. On previous versions, no Zombies spawned here, this has since been changed.

Gas Station

Located south of the Military Checkpoint, and north of the Southern Tunnel. The Gas Station is a small service station, containing a Gas Station, Supermarket and Dinner. In the basement of the Supermarket, a teleporter to the Floating Island can be found. No zombies spawn here.

Floating Island

The Floating Island is a floating island located above the Farm. 12 Trader NPCs can be found on the Island, dealing only in NAZ Currency, not experience. A peaceful Mega Zombie, Rainwright, can also be found at the apex of the island and offers the player 10 quests, most of which are "Passive" quests, which are likely to be completed through regular gameplay, rather than requiring the player to go out of their way to complete it. Another NPC, Matt, can be found next to Rainwright, offering a similar amount of quests, focusing on Fishing, Planting Boxes, and Farming. In previous versions the Floating Island was located above the Prison and Fire Station.

The Floating Island can be accessed by teleporting up to it at one of several locations. The player can fly up to it with a Helicopter, but they will find that no NPCs are up there, nor can any of the extra interactables be interacted with, if the player tries, they will be prompted to sacrifice a Sacrificial Scripture at either the Town or Gas Station. Once this has been done, the player can teleport to the Floating Island from any of the teleporters present on the map and can see the NPCs present on the island. In previous versions, there were far more teleporters located around the map, but they were removed due to abuse and being used to escape PvP.

Spoilers ahead!
The information below contains spoilers about the Storyline. Read at your own risk.

The Monolith

Spoilers for the penultimate quest.

The Monolith is the location of the final quest and is located outside of the map's bounds. It can be accessed by completing all of Rainwright's quests and talking to the Spirit, receiving your reward and then taking the Green Teleporter. It can be accessed as many times as the player pleases.

When teleported, the player spawns inside a room comprised entirely of black blocks, with a door illuminated by several lights. Through the door, the player will find a hallway with several other locked doors, only one of which being openable. on the other side of the room, the player will encounter a room rotated on its side, forcing the player to walk along the wall, entering another room through a large doorway. Through the doorway, the hallway will distort further, with the player walking into a room both on its side, and upside down. A door at the end of the hallway will lead into a sewer, which twists around until becoming a somewhat normal sewer line, which terminates inside another black "monolith" room. At the end of this room, the player will find a locked door, with a key beside it, allowing the player to progress into a basement of sorts. Outside the windows, a zombie horde can be seen. Continuing up the stairwell, the player will encounter another locked door, requiring another key to open, which is located within a wardrobe not far from the door. Upon opening the door, and exiting the building and walking onto the scaffolding, the player will find themselves in a distorted version of Seatle, buildings are floating, and editor cursors can be seen, implying the player has entered into the editor and is seeing Washington before it was finished. The player is funnelled underneath the highway overpass.

Several modified version of vanilla weaponry can be found and looted. Several locked doors can be found, with only one key. That key will only open one door, leading the player into an office complex. At the top of the complex, the player can meet Nelson Sexton. If the player talks to Nelson, he will ask the player "What are you doing here? Washington isn't out yet!" If the player responds to him, they will be teleported back to the Floating Island.

If the player cancels out of the dialogue window however, they will not be teleported and will have more time to explore. On Nelson's desk, another key can be found. If the player takes this key, and heads back down to the overpass, they can enter the final door, and find Big J, blindfolded. If you talk to Big J he'll say the following. "My god! Hello? I can barely make out the faces of another human being through this blindfold. Who are you? Could you get this thing off me, please?" If the player responds, they will be given the blindfold, which if the player isn't wearing any item in the glasses slot, will cause the player to automatically equip the blindfold, and become blindfolded themselves. If the player continues to talk to Big J he'll thank the player "Well I can’t thank you enough, <player name>. I’ve been trapped down here since… I can’t even recall. Maybe 3.1? It's hard to remember anything from before *he* took over." The player is prompted to ask who J is, and he'll respond with "I can’t explain right now. He pretty much sees all around here. Besides, maybe there’s still time to do something about it.", and follows it up by saying "My god… let’s hope he hasn’t come up with loot progression yet." Big J will then say "No time! I won't forget this, eh. By the way, that teleporter hasn't always been there... has it?" And will disappear. If the player takes the teleporter and then checks their inventory, they will see that they will have received Big J's J.

If the player completes all of Matt's quests, a green teleporter will appear next to him. If the player has not rescued Big J, a text prompt will appear prompting the player to "Rescue Him". If the player has met Big J the teleporter's text prompt will change, telling the player that the "Church interior is incomplete". Big J will be sitting on the teleporter with a laptop, working on the Church interior.

Unlisted Locations:

Downed Helicopter:

In the northern part of the map, a single downed Helicopter can be found, inside the cockpit, the Black Keycard can be found. The surrounding area is a no-build zone, which is also shown on the chart, making it extremely easy to find.


The Bridge is north of the town. There are a few crates with Ranger spawns and few metal nodes.

Road Blocks:

The small roads when they hit the end of the map there will be a blockade with a chance of Loot Spawning.

Crashed Porta-potty:

Just a Water source and some Metal nodes.

Random Box:

A box right under the Floating Island in a patch of trees surrounded by farms. Civilian grade loot spawns on top.


Full Description

"Elver was created with the intent of providing a more unique experience not just through having a fictional setting but also by changing the way the game is played. Players will have to scavenge the whole map to construct equipment like horde beacons and gasmasks that will allow them to obtain high tier equipment rather than simply looting a military base.

The NPC safezone will allow players to sell their gear in exchange for currency that can be used to buy high tier equipment. Quests are mostly like achievements, requiring you to kill zombies or complete horde beacons.

There are many hidden ranger crates scattered around the map that will contain unique weapons and items. Look out for any TVs with static.

The map layout has separate areas dedicated for base building in a dense forest which surrounds the only lootable location on the map, which is the city. The city of Elver has one big navmesh meaning zombies will be able to chase you down across the entire location."

Full Credits

Credits as written on the workshop page.


  • danaby2 - Map editing, objects, vehicles, items, quests/NPCs, skins, trailer, testing, kinda cute ngl
  • Renaxon - Guns, skins, trailer, testing, killed Nelson


  • Rolling Chair - Animations, ray model
  • Fleshy Pig - Mall pixel art
  • Sirady - Pixel art, trailer, testing
  • Magical Burrito - Found multiple navmesh errors, helped compile crafting blacklist, trailer, testing

Special Thanks

  • SDGNelson - Tested double-down shotgun damage by being shot, made the game
  • Manoman - Creator of the "Unturned Has A Map Problem" video which inspired me to make this map
  • Union - Helped with skins
  • NSTM - Helped with NPCs, testing, hosting server
  • AnimaticFreak - Made Kuwait map, trailer, testing
  • Tiway - Helped with animated objects
  • MrObi - Helped fix map loading bug, Helped with NPCs, testing
  • Timo987 - Helped fix file that caused map loading bug
  • Davidoz - Helped with Dutch audio in deadzone
  • P9nda - Helped with German audio in deadzone
  • Pork - "Funny Dog" painting, Helped fix map loading bug by identifying broken file
  • Great Hero J - "Otter" painting
  • Squide - "Impending Doom" painting
  • Nolan - Helped with vehicle audio
  • staswalle - Creator of the song "Rainwright's Prophecy" available on the Military Radio

Pre-Release Testers

  • Phyyrin - Playtested most, found many bugs, trailer
  • Boozerswine - Found several stuck spots
  • SomebodyOnEarth - Reported literally like 100 minor bugs, absolutely unplayable
  • Lakmejrup - Good at PVP, found many vendor exploits and bugs
  • Pablo824 - Good at PVP, found many vendor exploits and bugs
  • Code Pro - Private testing, several map-breaking bugs (out of bounds, etc)
  • CucuyCharles - Private testing host
  • Smiley - Private testing
  • Pork - Helped fix map loading bug by identifying broken file
  • Rikkert3123 - Helped fix map loading bug
  • Tech - Found some deadzone exploits
  • Lusod - Swedish
  • Omega - Almost Swedish
  • Lifey - Not Swedish
  • Justin - Helped so much it's unbelievable
  • Romelete - Reported minor bugs
  • GunTurned - Got held at gunpoint after attempting to loot an airdrop
  • Hold Baker - Gave some insightful feedback
  • Rice Chef - Funny memes (sometimes)
  • Xaien - Reported navmesh errors
  • MoltonMontro - Discovered a game-breaking bug related to haybales


  • Through development the map was known as "Metro". As a result of this when launching the game the loading bar will say "Mounting Metro" when it is really mounting Elver.
  • The map's concept is credited to Manoman, and his "Unturned Has A Map Problem"
  • On top of the Mall's Medical Store being called the "Hedical Store", the Medkit on Elver has an "H" on it rather than a "+"
  • Several Intercoms can be found through the map's deadzone, which play German, Polish or Dutch audio depending on the speaker.
    • These recordings were checked by P9nda and Davidoz in order to make sure there was no explicit audio included.
    • One of the Polish recordings is an ad for Shampoo.
  • Most notes found on the map don't contain lore snippets, instead opting for Meta Jokes, Fourth-Wall breaking information (Such as how keycard doors work), or memes.
  • Ghost Valley is a reference to a workshop map of the same name, created by Squide, who was credited in the map's creation.
  • Overhauled versions of vanilla weapons (Such as the Cobra, Hawkhound, Heartbreaker and Eaglefire) can be found during the completion of the penultimate quest.
  • The map has a whole bunch of custom tips in order to assist new players with understanding the changes this map brings.
    • Gyroscopes can be found in the Demolition Site and then crafted into Components.
    • Defiblirator Batteries can be found in Medical Locations and then crafted into Components.
    • UPhone XIVs can be found in Tech Stores in the Mall and then crafted into Components.
    • Components can be used to make Horde Beacons, Respirator Masks and many more useful items.
    • Horde Beacons and the Deadzone can both provide high tier gear that is unobtainable elsewhere.
    • To gain access to the whole Deadzone you must collect all 6 keycards that are scattered around the map.
    • Sacrificing a Horde Beacon at the Town will grant access to the Floating Island where you will be able to trade and complete tasks.
    • The Cyan Crystal can be used to triple the health of metal structures and certain barricades.
    • The Mesh is found in Military Locations and can be used to make Filters for the Respirator Masks.
    • Zombies traverse all over the City so think twice before enraging a mega.
    • High caliber guns can be heard from twice as far as low caliber guns.
    • There are various Cultist Locations hidden around the city that have a high chance for weapons and good loot.
    • The Devastator is a very powerful gun that can be put in a Turret.
    • Don't use a gun without a stock.
    • The Fishing Rod Mk.II allows you to catch not only fish but also high tier crafting materials.
    • A Medkit can be crafted by combining a Dressing with a Splint and Purification Tablets.
    • Pay attention to item descriptions! They contain useful information about the damage of firearms, armor of clothing, health of structures and much more.
    • Airdrops, deadzone entrances and teleporter locations are all marked on the chart.
    • Only rare vehicles can be locked.
    • Full moons are scary.
    • Fish can only be caught in the Fisherman's Grove or the Floating Island.
    • Building is blocked in the City.
    • Horde Beacons can only be placed in Ghost Valley.
    • Blue trash bags will not cause fall damage if you land on them.
    • Skills are not lost on death.



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