Electric Trap
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Type Trap



The Electric Trap is a trap that can be obtained by crafting 3 Scrap Metal and 2 wires, or scavenged from military locations




  • On almost every PvP server this item is found without being placed near a generator, making it useless.
  • The sound originally was similar to "farting" according to Deathismad, so it was changed.
  • It closely resembles the appearance of a door mat, which can be used to its advantage as a trap.
  • It also resembles the Dual Point Rail when placed on the ground, some players can unknowingly walk across it thinking it was the attachment.
  • Vehicles are immune to the trap, so are drivers inside them. This is useful, if they were prone to the trap it would much harder to navigate around traps.
  • This is one of the least durable traps in the game.