The Editor is a tool in Unturned.

The Editor is found under the Workshop section in the main menu.


The Editor gives users a chance to create their own maps by editing the terrain, adding spawn points, objects and decorations. It allows you to raise, lower, flatten and smooth the terrain using various tools, as well as make personalized loot tables.

The editor is still a new feature and many aspects, such as buttons, are place holders. There are currently many bugs and a lot of items have not been implemented.

Additional features include the ability to completely control the day-night system, abilities to change sky colors, sun rays, and shadows, edit foliage and grass, change sea level and snow levels, and the feature of the road tool.


Below is the list of keys which can be used in the Editor. Note that they are the default keys set after installing the game, so some players may have changed them in the configuration.

Key(s) Function(s)
LMB Select/deselect object, move/rotate selected object, select multiple objects (while holding the button and dragging, you can also use Shift+LMB to select multiple objects at once), use tool, place player/entity/loot spawn
RMB Look around (while holding the button.) The scroll wheel can also raise and lower the speed of movement in any direction, but Ctrl+S is a save function.
W Move forward (While holding right mouse button), change selected object(s) mode to rotation mode
A Move left
S Move backwards
D Move right


Place object(s), relocate selected object(s).
Q Changes selected object mode to transform mode.
R Changes selected object to scale mode.
Delete, backspace (Del) (Command+Del for Mac) Deletes selected object(s).
Ctrl + C Copies selected object(s).
Ctrl + V

Pastes selected object(s).

Ctrl + Z

Undoes the latest change to your map.

Ctrl+S Saves map without going to the Esc menu.


  • The Editor was first added in version
  • For some reason, deleting on Mac only works when holding the command and delete keys.
  • All in-game structures can be built, and as of update buildables from in-game (I.E. Metal Walls) can now be placed. They can be salvaged by players, however.
  • If you want to edit an official map, all you need to do is go into its file directory, make a copy, move it to the Maps folder, and put a file named ".unlocker." in the folder of the map. Useful for finding easter eggs!
  • In the loot tables, you can add items that would be unobtainable in the normal game .
  • Sometimes, when copying and pasting large amounts of objects, some will become stuck highlighted and will not respond when you attempt to delete them or move them. The only known fix is to move them underground, and when they snap back to their original position, press Ctrl+Z.


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