Red Dot Sight

RedDotSight box.png
Item ID: 146
Item Type: Attachment (Sight)
Item Grade: Military
Equippable? No
Slots: 2 Slots (2x1) 
Examine Text: Rail mounted sight with electronic aiming point.

The Red Dot Sight is a sight attachment that takes up 2 slots in the inventory.


The Red Dot Sight can be found in Military locations.


The Red Dot Sight, when attached to a weapon, replaces the sights to a curved, rail mounted sight with a single red dot in the center.


The Red Dot Sight is a sight with an oval shape and a red dot in the center pointing at the place where the fired bullet will land (If the gun is accuarate at that range)



  • The reticle itself is only a small dot in the center of the sight, not obstructing the view.


  • The Red Dot Sight has no magnification, making it ineffective for long ranged combat.


Version Changes
??? Added to the game. Changed appearance.


  • It is most likely based off the Trijicon Reflex Sight.
  • It works well with LMGs, shotguns and other close-range combat weapons.


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