ID 124
Seats 5
Trunk 15 Storage (5x3)
Forward 67.5 kph • 41 mph
Backward 18kph • 11 mph
Brake N/A
File Name Zodiak
Special Engine Boat
Explosion 20
Exit 3

The Dinghy is an Epic Boat in Unturned 3. It can carry 5 players at once.


Germany: The Dingy can spawn near Rappbode Dam.

Greece: The Dinghy can spawn at Kamena Vourla Beach.

Hawaii: The Dinghy can spawn at various locations along the coast.

Russia: The Dinghy spawns at the Beach Camp.

California: The Dinghy can spawn at campgrounds next to water and under the Bixby Bridge.


  • In the Unturned files it is called the "Zodiak".
  • This is probably a replica of the real life Zodiac Rigid Hull Inflatable Boat (RHIB) used by many NATO special operations units, as well as the US Marine Corps, US Army, and US Coast Guard.
  • However, unlike the military zodiac it lacks a .50 cal machine gun or SAM missile launcher mounted in the bow. This means it is likely a civilian variant.
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