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This page contains content that was removed from Unturned. Anything on this page is no longer part of the game, so please keep this in mind while commenting or editing.


Map Type: Developer Test Map
Number of Locations: 3
First Appearance: Version
Removal: Version

Devtest is a test map in Unturned. It was used in public previews of update 3.0 to test new features and changes in the game. Currently, it is has been removed and an Arena variant has been added.


  • Town
  • Farm
  • Caved-in tunnel


  • Devtest was actually Ontario in Canada.
  • The town and farm were simply named "Town" and "Farm", showing they have no actual name.
  • Around the area where the car is crashed into the guardrail there were 5 billboards, each billboard was a reference to a person who is a part of the Unturned community.
  • In version, the large brown house in the town had many gravestones surrounding the building, pumpkins placed in some rooms and a couple of webs on some spots in the theme of Halloween.
  • In version, a Christmas tree was added at the town park, for the upcoming Christmas holidays. It spawned some loot below it, referencing the popular belief of placing gifts below a Christmas tree.


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