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Entity Details
Health 100%
Neutral Yes
Spawn Location Natural Areas (where trees, grasses and bushes are)
Status Added in 2nd Beta Test,
Drops Raw Venison


Extra Information
Speed 4 walking, 12 running
Size Medium
Color Brown

Deer are passive NPCs that are brown, moderately-sized animals. They spawn in open, wild areas on PEI and Washington, but only at the bio-domes on Yukon.


Deer usually stay in one spot eating grass, and periodically move from one place to another in a short distance. They flee from players at the sound of gunfire, cars, or when the player is in range. They are twice as fast as players and zombies, but they are no match for the speed of most vehicles.

They drop 2-3 items upon death. Raw Venison can be cooked as food, while Leather is a crafting material.


Since they flee from players in a certain radius, the use melee weapons are very impractical. Firearms are needed to hurt them, but it is recommended to wield at least a high-powered rifle such as the Hawkhound or any other powerful ranged weapon. Simply aim for the head to inflict a high amount of damage, but make sure to aim properly as a miss will immediately cause the Deer to run away. However, staying from afar will not allow the noise to be heard by the Deer.

Deer can also be killed by using any vehicle due to the fact that all vehicles have a top speed of 40km/h or more. Killing them with it will drop its content like usual, but will not grant any experience points at all.


The Steam achievement "Hunter" is awarded to the player when they have killed 100 Deer or pigs (not including roadkilled) in version 2.2.5.


  • Deer are one of the NPCs to be added in the 2nd beta testing era, along with zombies.
  • They are the second fastest entity in the game, the first being vehicles.
    • Moose were about to be implemented again according to the Trello page, but was later replaced by the Deer.
  • If lured into a town, Deer will appear to munch upon streets and sidewalks.
  • Despite their high speed it is possible to chase them into water, where they turn around and head towards the player. This allows the player to kill them with melee weapons.
  • Sometimes, Deer can walk into the water and eat "underwater" and not drown. Rarely, they can even walk completely underwater.
  • You can catch up to a Deer by running, if you have enough skill points in "Exercise."


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