Debugger's Beret
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ID 728
Rarity Unlisted Rarity
Type Cosmetic Hat



The Debugger's Beret is a Cosmetic Hat in Unturned 3. It is a magenta beret.


It was given to those who have helped hunt down troubling bugs. It is no longer rewarded to players in most instances, due to the disruptive behavior by some players attempting to obtain the Debugger's Beret.


  • Argon for helping BattlEye.
  • Asriel
  • Autism.Alex
  • cartman-2000 received it for helping hunt down a multiplayer Item Storage bug that caused any new Barricades placed to be invisible, if too many items were inside the Item Storage.
  • cucuycharles
  • fr34kyn01535
  • HeL|o42o, RagnarosPower, and thejers received it for reporting a multitude of bugs, most notably a god mode and invisibility glitch achieved through rubber banding.
  • Keyword65 for reporting the issue with horrible voice audio when using the Walkie Talkie after an update to the voice relay.
  • Loke20052
  • MoltonMontro, notably for reporting that the Vx2 Katana was using the Cryptic Katana files instead of its own.
  • NSTM and TheUnion for reporting dozens of game-breaking bugs, notably involving: clipping through anything, duplicating items, crashing servers, overloading computers, and allowing any Ranged Weapon to use any Magazine Attachment.
  • Owl
  • Oyamat, notably for helping the Hawaii team with bugs and issues with event maps.
  • ZeNiK


  • The Vx2 Katana was added as a part of the January 2017 Workshop Crate #1, the first curated content exclusive Box.
  • NSTM and TheUnion were able to allow any Ranged Weapon to use any Magazine Attachment by stripping a Ranged Weapon in the Inventory, reloading an equipped Ranged Weapon, and then equipping the recently stripped Ranged Weapon.
  • The Item Storage bug was due to the wrong data type being used in multiplayer to state the size in bytes the container data has. It caused an overflow, and misaligned data being handled by the client.
    • It used to use a byte as the index, with values being limited as 0 to 255. This was too small, and it may now be using a 16-bit unsigned short integer.
    • Smartly Dressed Games has since set a cap 200 Items for Item Storages since they still use a byte type, which would max out at 255 before overflowing.
  • NSTM and TheUnion were the first to receive the Debugger's Beret.
    • HeL|o42o, RagnarosPower, and thejers received Debugger's Berets together sometime after MoltonMontro.
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