Deadzones are a game mechanic in Unturned 3.


In the Map Editor, a Deadzone Node creates a permanent radioactive field around the node. The size of the Deadzone can be adjusted with a slider. In the editor, when nodes are visible, a Deadzone Node will appear as a yellow-orange ring.

When The Player enters a Deadzone, a message saying "Entering deadzone!" will appear and their Immunity will start dropping rapidly without a Biohazard Hood or Gasmask. When the Player exits the Deadzone, the message "Exiting deadzone!" is displayed.

Gasmasks and Biohazard Hoods will stop the Immunity loss from deadzones, but require constant Filter swaps in order to keep filtering out radiation.

Zombies inside a Deadzone Node become their Radioactive Zombie variant.


Cyprus Survival: There is a small Deadzone around the Agros Military Base.

Germany: There is a Deadzone around the town of Cologne.

Greece: A large sized Deadzone at the top-left of the map, notably also covering Meteora Military Base and Trinity Monastary.

Hawaii: A medium-size Deadzone placed on The Ailani, several small Deadzones on the top of Mauna Kea, a small Deadzone in a cave between Alika Base and Waikoloa, a small deadzone on a hill near the construction site by the Unyielding HQ and several other small deadzones located along the coastline.

PEI: A miniature Deadzone in the fields at Tignish Farm around the Scorpion-7 Sign.

Russia: The Oil Rig, as well as sizable portion of the northern part of the map, centered around Silo 22.

Washington: A small Deadzone around the UFO.

Yukon: A medium-size Deadzone around the Crashed Skycrane.

France: A large Deadzone around Marseille and a medium-size Deadzone around Flamanville Power.

California: A small deadzone can be found at the hospital in Calabasas.


  • Around most large deadzones there will be hazard signs placed to warn the player.
  • "Deadzone" was also the name of the the Roblox game Deadzone, which was made by Nelson Sexton.

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