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Crossbow Enthusiast is a quest provided by Kevin in France. In order to obtain this quest, you must have a good reputation with other NPCs in Jourdan's Fort.


Kevin thinks you are ready to wield a unique crossbow, and asks you to collect the materials required for him to make one.


  1. Talk to Kevin.
  2. (Note that you do not have to collect the items in this order) Go to Vignec Vineyards. In the building with the blue roof you can find the Broken Hawkhound near the garage door leaning against some hay bales.
  3. Go to Bordeaux. Outside the southern wall for the mechanic's shop you can find the Dandy Leaf Spring on a red metal shelf.
  4. Go to Cotentin Arsenal. Northwest of the arsenal on land you can find a beached fishing boat. The Exquisite Fishing Rod can be found on the boat.
  5. Crossbow Enthusiast Map.png
    The Fine Metal Beam can be found between Gare 17, Toulouse, and Usine Construction. There is a crashed cargo truck on the side of the road. The Fine Metal Beam is just outside the back of the truck. The picture of the map has the area with the crash circled.
  6. Go to Camp Grenoble. The Perfect Mahogany Plank can be found on a circular table near the two blue mobile homes.
  7. Return to Jourdan's Fort and talk to Kevin to complete the quest.
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