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1 Wooden Crate + 3 [[Wooden Cross|Wooden Crosses]] = 1 [[Chest]]
1 Wooden Crate + 3 [[Wooden Cross|Wooden Crosses]] = 1 [[Chest]]
1 Wooden Crate + 3 [[Scrap Metal]] = 1 [[Metal Locker]]
1 Wooden Crate + 3 [[Scrap Metal]] = 1 [[Metal Locker]]

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Item Type: Storage 
Slots? 4
Equippable? Yes
Stackable? Yes
Weight: 0.5kg/1.10lbs
Examine Text: "Simple unlocked box."

A Crate is a placeable item which may be crafted, but only if the player has level 1 Craftsman. Crates, once placed, may be used to store a maximum of 4 different items.


Despite having a low item space capacity, it does have an infinite weight tolerance, making it useful for carrying many stackable items (logs, boards, grenades, ammo, etc.). When destroyed, like any other placed item, you do not get the crate back except the items stored in it, which will be dropped onto the ground.

Unlike the chest and metal locker, the crate can be accessible by any players if you're in a multiplayer server.

Crafting Recipes

How To Make

3 Wooden Crosses + 2 Wooden Frames = 1 Wooden Crate


1 Wooden Crate + 3 Wooden Crosses = 1 Chest

1 Wooden Crate + 3 Scrap Metal = 1 Metal Locker


  • Crates, Metal Lockers and Chests are the only three ways in which players can store their items.
  • It takes a total of 2 Logs and 12 Sticks to craft one Crate.
  • Crates can hold more than the standard item stack max of 25.
  • Along with other storage items, many players have issues with the Crates such as bugs.
    • There is a bug which can make a Crate, a Metal Locker or a Chest's contents disappear.
    • There's another bug where the player can not take a item out of it and if the crate is demolished by the user, the items will vanish.


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