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Look of Courtin Island.

Courtin Island is an island located between Belfast Airport and Kensington Campground, on the east coast of PEI. It does have a playground, one mansion and one beach shop. Doesn't have special item spawns.

Courtin Island

The S.S. Sesepe viewed on an angle.

Location Type: Island
Type(s) of Loot Found: Civilian, Construction
Size: Medium (Island), Small (Cargo Ship)
Zombie Population: Low

Courtin Island is a medium-sized island in Prince Edward Island. The island is located off the coast close to Belfast Airport. 6-10 civilian zombies spawn around the area.


Courtin Island is home to the wrecked cargo ship (S.S Sesepe), where zombies spawn. The ship contains civilian-grade loot either inside the ship, or in the cargo boxes. On the center of the island is a small table and two chairs with a chessboard, where an achievement can be unlocked by going near the chess table. The wrecked Cargo ship is named S.S Sesepe, as it is labeled. If you look at the ocean, you can see some cargo floating.


  • The S.S. Sesepe is rather similar to the S.S Haven except the fact that it is flooded and beached.
  • The mysterious chessboard can be found on the center of the island.
    • It is said the chessboard was put in as an easter egg, or could be a civilian campsite since it's on the ground without grass.
  • The achievement "Chess" can be achieved by finding the chess board.
    • The description shows that it's the 2014 chess tournament, but it is unknown why the tournament is held on the island.



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